Back in 2014, well-known author Kate de Goldi approached Gecko Press publisher Julia Marshall with an idea aimed to revitalize the reading experience for upper primary school children and create lifetime readers. Those children, and their families, are lucky Marshall jumped at the opportunity and took a punt on Annual.  "We wanted Annual to be a game… Read More

With her debut novel The Hating Game, Australian Sally Thorne has certainly made quite the first impression. Her sexy, workplace romantic comedy is utterly hilarious and completely engaging, and has received a lot of very positive hype. After reading it, I completely understand why! This book is a comical, naughty romp that had me laughing… Read More

I have always enjoyed fiction that portrays ordinary life while encompassing a touch of the extraordinary. Chocolat, by Joanne Harris, and Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, are two that instantly spring to mind – and yes, as you might be able to tell from these examples, I also adore food-based novels. In screenwriter… Read More

With generously sized short stories, Tim Harris throws the reader into a world where it rains lemonade, dentists terrorise children, a whole school is put on detention at once and making a simple chocolate cake is one of life’s most dangerous tasks. Tim Harris, with 15 years as a primary school teacher under his belt… Read More

Danny and Dinosaur need to tidy the mess in their bedroom if they want to watch some cartoons. Danny has a great plan – make Dinosaur eat it all. But just as they think they’ve gotten away with it, there’s a rumbling in Dinosaur’s tummy. Another explosive adventure is about to begin. The latest addition… Read More

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series sees Timmy Failure take to the road – with the usual disastrous consequences. Everyone’s favourite kid detective is back in the newest addition to the series, which sees Timmy on a road trip with none other than notorious criminal Molly Moskins. Travelling halfway across the… Read More

British magazine columnist and editor Marianne Kavanagh has just published her second novel, Don’t Get Me Wrong. This witty story is the literary equivalent of a British feel-good film. Eva and Kim have been looking after each other for a long time. Their father walked out on them and married another woman, and their self-centred… Read More

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