Ransom Riggs chats about having his novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children adapted into a movie directed by Tim Burton (and out September 29th 2016). I guess when the name Tim Burton was first mentioned in terms of directing the film of your book that’s got to be a good moment? An enormous moment. I… Read More

Bridget Jones’ Baby is everything a not-a-girl-every-inch-a-woman-chick-flick should be. Forty-three, single, career driven, unafraid to show off a few wrinkles and not giving a hoot about whether her thighs resemble tree trunks, this is our Bridget Jones and yes, it’s every bit the goofy, feel good rom-com drama that you would expect from the ongoing… Read More

The Secret Life of Pets has to be one of my favourite films this year. In fact, it’s probably one of the most enjoyable wagging tales of four-legged beasts minus all the bad puns. This is New York, New York and everything we love about it is highlighted in its opening scenes – the bike… Read More

The world is waiting with baited breath for the release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, something that promises to be a true cinematic masterpiece. It’s amazing to think of the milestones that Austen adaptations have achieved since their first renderings on screen. Mostly-accurate-to-the-books period drama series, film adaptations, YouTube vlog series, South Asian musicals… Read More

The task of adapting a well-known and (presumably) well-loved novel into film is a difficult one, and some might say it can never be done with complete success. Nevertheless, whether you prefer the book version, the film version, or think each should stand or fall on their own merits, it can’t be denied that more… Read More

Fans of fantasy comedy are in for a treat with Riftworld Chronicles, a set of eight webisodes about a dimension-traveling wizard, Alar (Tohmoh Penikett) who ends up stuck on earth without his magical powers. When he enlists the help of journalist Kim (Erin Karpluk) to help him on his quest to return home, the misadventure… Read More

The latest adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s 1874 novel of the same name is visually exquisite with a slew of fabulous performances – but does it to justice to the original story? Read on to find out (note: spoilers ahead for those that haven't read the book). If you haven’t read much Hardy or at the… Read More

Aloha has a star studded line up: Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin even Bill Murray. It’s guaranteed to be the perfect rom-com action comedy (y’know good guy gets the girl, saves the world) and it’s set in Hawaii! What could go wrong? Well, pretty much everything. The plot runs along like a… Read More

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