With shades of Clave of the Cave Bears and The Hunger Games, Slave Power is the first in a new series. Set in the East of the Black Sea around 300 BC, this is a tale of Amazon Tribes under threat from slave traders who are showing no mercy as they attack the peaceful tribes… Read More

Amercian War is an extraordinary novel – emotionally powerful, challenging and thought-provoking. Omar El Akkad imagines a second American civil war in the future, that feels as if it could be happening right now, such is the power of his prose, and realism of the conflict. The book centres around Sarat Chestnut from Louisiana, who… Read More

Lian Hearn lives in Australia and writes novels set in Japan. Earlier this year I read her first novel in this series, Emperor of the Eight Islands. Her second, called Lord of the Darkwood, completes the tale of Shikanoko. Unusually, I thought the second book was far better than the first in the series. I… Read More

The Life of Elves, the third novel by French author Muriel Barbery, is an enchanting and captivating novel that reminds us of the power that language has to weave magic. Written seven years after her previous bestseller The Elegance of the Hedgehog, this book offers something completely different: a literary fairytale about the longstanding battle… Read More

I'm having a full Sanderson throwback month. Over the next 4 weeks I'm going to be looking at the three books in his first Mistborn trilogy, then reviewing the trilogy as a whole. Sit tight folks, it's going to be a long ride out on the Sanderson Avalanche. Brandon Sanderson must be one of the… Read More

The Emperor of the Eight Islands is a thoroughly engrossing tale that echoes the mediaeval warrior tales from Japan. The Darkwood looms large in the background and there are mythical beasts, dangerous spirits and magic everywhere. It is an entertaining and beautifully written tale that rushes along to a climax with no let up in… Read More

“Every Story has a Dark Side” Unforgiven is the latest in Lauren Kate's Fallen series. It is a series that has captured my heart since 2009 and had me inside an emotional blender, chewing me up and spitting me out with every book. Unforgiven is no different, apart from the fact that it centres around the anti-hero of the… Read More

Joe Hill is a very clever man. Let’s start with that. Why is he clever? Well for one thing he’s published under the pseudonym Joe Hill instead of taking his birth name, Joseph King, a name given to him by his father, Stephen King. Yes, That Stephen King. This was a shrewd move by Joe… Read More

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