Lucy Dillon’s uplifting and satisfying new comfort read, about family and love, offers a satisfying literary escape that will tug at your heartstrings. Chock-full of thought-provoking themes that include parenting, marriage, honesty and choices, All I Ever Wanted tackles both emotional issues and family dynamics in an easy, well-paced story, complete with a loveable pair… Read More

I found this novel excellent. It worked so well on lots of levels. Very simply, it is the story of an extended family over time. It begins at the christening party for Franny Keating, where the uninvited Bert Cousins turns up and kisses Beverley Keating, the young girl's mother. This sets the whole story in… Read More

The Sun in Her Eyes is a book for lazy summer days in the sun when some light-hearted Chicklit is called for. The author, Paige Toon, is a skilled writer that tells a beautiful story with lots of feeling. When her father has a stroke, Amber hurriedly heads home to Adelaide, South Australia, to be… Read More

Back in 2014, well-known author Kate de Goldi approached Gecko Press publisher Julia Marshall with an idea aimed to revitalize the reading experience for upper primary school children and create lifetime readers. Those children, and their families, are lucky Marshall jumped at the opportunity and took a punt on Annual.  "We wanted Annual to be a game… Read More

Who among us hasn’t gazed at the sky above and not wondered about the millions of others who are sharing the same view? Space has the dual effect of humbling the human existence and strengthening ideas of a common humanity. With her debut novel, Helen Sedgwick takes that common astronomic fantasy and weaves a whimsical… Read More

If you, like me, are blessed to have a sister, you’ll know that no matter how different you are, or how far apart you live, there is no bond quite like it. After their mother walked out on them as young girls, this connection is even stronger for Cassie and Coco Kinneally, the main characters… Read More

In the peace and quiet of her own home in Devon, Justine Merrison devotes all her time and energy to doing absolutely nothing at all. Having left a high paced life with a fabulous career as a TV executive in London, she determinedly pursues a state of “inactivity” in the cosy nest of mundane domesticity… Read More

Ever so subtle is the hint of Autumn on the air, an expectant waiting for the leaves to turn and the sunsets to happen a little earlier. What better time to start stockpiling up some engaging women’s fiction to cosy up with in the coming months. If, like me, you can’t help but enjoy a… Read More

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