How Not to Fall in Love, Actually is one of my favourite types of novels. That is, it’s the type that sets the bar really high so that any books of the genre I read after it have to work really hard to stand up against it. Debut novelist Catherine Bennetto has written exactly my… Read More

Harmless Like You tells the parallel stories of Yuki, a young Japanese woman living in 1960s New York, and Jay, the son she subsequently abandons. When Yuki is 16 her family move back to Tokyo but, despite having no friends, she decides to stay on in America to pursue her true love, art. The story of… Read More

A powerful and epic debut about fate and timelessness of first love, The Next Together is a fantastic read. Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time their presences changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated. How many times… Read More

Toot is a little story about the big dreams of the world’s tiniest whale. Stuck in a goldfish pond and dreaming of the sea, Toot makes the great leap, popping from champagne glass to dog bowl and, with the help of a Princess, into a tiny sea-bound plane. Finally, after much adventure Toot finally makes… Read More

This month, I have been addicted to books about addiction. Like a book junky, even if I didn’t want to read more, I just had to. Any book that has come my way with its focus being on self-destruction, self-hatred, or self-analysis, and the attempt to tame the beast of self with proscribed substances, I… Read More

There was a time when New Zealander Heidi North-Bailey lived in a house on Grass St that once belonged to poet Lauris Edmond. The hillside garden grew tulips and poems; and in the house with its view of the harbour, Heidi wrote poems of her own. But always there is the possibility of flight, and… Read More

Karma Brown’s debut novel is moving, spirited and realistic. Tegan and Gabe Lawson, a couple very much in love, were so excited to have their first child together. This all changed, however, when they experienced a dreadful car accident. This tragic event and the loss of her child transforms Tegan’s life into one riddled with… Read More

There are good reasons why Swedish thrillers have come to be known in the literary world for their dark, eerie nature, usually dealing with the kind of things that make you want to crawl under the blanket and leave the lights on while you are sleeping, things that are very much in contrast to the… Read More

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