Clean Bakery is French-born Claudepierre’s first cookbook, born out of her popular blog, When she developed pre-diabetes when pregnant with her daughter, she had to find a new way of creating her favourite baking creations. Clean Bakery features 80 recipes 79 are dairy-free, 66 gluten-free, 49 paleo friendly, 50 vegan, 23 raw and 34… Read More

The Raw Kitchen is a beautiful book. Lustrous gold foiled, wrapped in a pale pink border. It promises nutritious, delicious, beginner worthy raw food. Yes, I thought, this sounds amazing. I open the book. Wow. It looks amazing. All these glossy pictures of amazing, glorious looking raw food, and creator Olivia Scott, glowing with health… Read More

Among the barrage of lifestyle advice the term “superfood” has received its fair share of attention over the last few years  -  from nutritionists, to chefs, to health gurus, the idea that there are certain types of foods that are simply unparalleled in their ability to keep us healthy has often been presented in confusing… Read More

I love Pete Evans. Seriously, I have a foodie crush on him. Last year it was all things Paleo, this year he makes my life easier with 100 easy meals in a pot. Well, not one pot with a hundred meals (though that would be nice too but this isn’t Hogwarts) but nevertheless, as the… Read More

Luca’s Seasonal Journey is an incredibly beautiful hard-cover cook book that would do just as nicely on your coffee table as it would on your shelf beside your Italian herbs. The attention to design and presentation takes some of the familiar and even humble recipes, to creative new heights. There’s the red onion and courgette… Read More

Cooking is an artistic process and cookbooks when designed with love and creativity can incite all sorts of wonderful magic – and quite possibly healthy eating too! I found such adventure in Amelia Freer’s Cook. Nourish. Glow and am rather excited by the discovery. Admittedly picking up the rather hefty bible made me feel as… Read More

I love a good vegetarian cook book, not only for the delicious recipes but also to use it as evidence to convince my omnivore friends that the food I eat isn’t bland and disgusting. Unfortunately, this collection isn’t useful in either regard. The Ultimate Vegetarian Collection is not so ultimate, but is actually very junior… Read More

Over the last few weeks, my house has been on the “Jamie diet”. Not intentionally, I might add. When my review copy of Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook Everyday Super Food arrived in the post, a quick flick through revealed some delicious looking recipes. A closer look had me wanting to try just about every recipe in the… Read More

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