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A skilfully-written literary novel, The Necessary Angel takes us into the world of books, with a tale peopled by academics, writers and lecturers immersed in literature. Set in 2014, the novel follows the story of Max, an expat Kiwi who ‘had lived in Paris long enough to feel at ease’ who is married to a… Read More

The latest novel from Salman Rushdie sits very firmly in the present world, the world of unreality that lurks just outside our window. It is a big contrast to his most recent novels, The Enchantress of Florence and Two years Eight months and Twenty-eight nights which stand firmly in the historical and mythological, imagined fantasies… Read More

Big Pacific has been created as a companion book to the TV series of the same name, created by National History NZ . It will be screened on Prime TV early 2018. The Pacific Ocean is big indeed, covering one third of the Earth’s total surface and accounting for nearly half of the planet’s water… Read More

The opening of this debut novel captures a vivid scene. Ragnvald is dancing the oars aboard the ship he has been serving on for the whole journey to and from the North Sea. This moment of light relief suddenly turns deadly when the captain of the ship, Solvi, attacks him without warning, leaving him to… Read More

Rebel or Patriot? This first biography of Ta’isi Olaf Fredrick Nelson (also known as Feleti Nelsoni) is a powerful story which explores the personal life of one man but is also the history of Sãmoa and its place in the world.  The biography outlines the long road on Sãmoa’s journey to nationhood. Patricia O’Brien is… Read More

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe is about a girl who has been by herself on a spaceship bound for a new planet that can sustain life. She was born on the ship and so has never seen Earth. There were originally many other people on the ship with her, including her parents. But following… Read More

I’m a huge fan of Michael Robotham’s tightly constructed thrillers, and The Secrets She Keeps didn’t disappoint. Michael Robotham has a great gift for characterisation, so the reader is quickly drawn into the very different lives of two women. Agatha thinks that Megan Shaugnessy’s life is perfect. Megan is beautiful and married to Jack, a… Read More

This enjoyable memoir is cleverly constructed with surprises throughout.  The life story of a young upper class British child expands across three continents and reaches the far flung antipodes closing with life as a £10 Pom in New Zealand.  Shelagh Duckham’s clarity of view brings different experiences to light as her family leaves their luxurious and… Read More

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