Assigned female at birth, Nevo Zisin has had a complex relationship with gender. Now identifying as non-binary, the 21-year-old student and activist wasn't born in the wrong body. Nevo just wants everyone to catch-up with all that Nevo is. From 'coming out' as lesbian at 15, to transitioning to present as male at the age of 17… Read More

Sitting in prison on a raft of charges including kidnapping, guns, drugs and counterfeiting was quite different to the plan Janet Balcombe imagined for her life. The 'hardcore' meth-addict took herself to the very brink of death and hell. It nearly killed her, but she got her answers and discovered there is hope for the… Read More

John le Carré has something of a reputation for not liking to give interviews, so these “Stories from My Life” go some way to redressing the balance, providing an insight into both his life and his writing. This is an excellent book on lots of levels. It is very well written, with both compassion and… Read More

Beautifully written, impossible to put down, but heartbreaking enough to make you want to, and philosophical enough to make you think for weeks afterwards, Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air took my breath away... pun intended. I'm a voracious reader - I like to read until my eyes can't stay open, and if I have the… Read More

Leigh Hopkinson was the least likely person to become a stripper, but after spending two decades naked, she realised it was her career - and her life. As a university student in Canterbury she worked at a succession of low-paying jobs that paid the rent and fit around her degree. However, none of them fit… Read More

First up, I must say that I’m a big fan of Alex Miller’s novels, with my favourites being Landscape of Farewell and Lovesong. This new book contains both short fiction and true stories about the inspiration for these novels and in particular the characters that inspired the stories. It also tells me lots about Miller’s… Read More

Barry’s passion for plants, particularly flowers, began at the same time as his first memories. He toddled around the garden after his mother learning which weeds to pull, the names of his favourite flowers and marvelling at their variety in form, colour and fragrance. It was a natural progression that he went on to become one… Read More

Professionally, Lou Reed was known as a genius maverick in the world of music and performance; in his personal life, if Notes from the Velvet Underground: The Life of Lou Reed, the newest biography of the late musician by Howard Sounes, is anything to go by, he was a bit of a bastard. Abusive towards… Read More

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