The Sun in Her Eyes is a book for lazy summer days in the sun when some light-hearted Chicklit is called for. The author, Paige Toon, is a skilled writer that tells a beautiful story with lots of feeling. When her father has a stroke, Amber hurriedly heads home to Adelaide, South Australia, to be… Read More

The blurb for Luke Devenish’s novel The Secret Heiress promises “a tale of dark shadows and extraordinary deception” amidst the 1886 Australian countryside.  Saturated with gothic stalwarts including a grand mysterious mansion, a handsome yet possibly devious lover, a crass and brooding valet and the enigmatic death of a beautiful heiress, the novel revolves around… Read More

In Rosalie Ham’s first novel, The Dressmaker, revenge never looked so good in its felt skirt, surrounded by a sewing machine and haberdashery. This charming historical fiction story is set in the Australian outback of the 1950s. The sweltering fictional town of Dungatar with its yellow hills is the embodiment of its inhabitants. Imperfect people… Read More

This is the first book I have read by Australian author Tim Winton; titles such as Dirt Music and Cloudstreet have somehow passed me by. But there can be no better recommendation than to get to the end and say, I want to read more by this writer and that is just what I did… Read More

Now and then, between reading my usual literary fiction novels, I like to slow down, curl up with a page turning bestseller or comforting family saga... and simply escape. I hoped that Rain Music, Di Morrissey’s latest novel, would provide a welcome respite to my busy, end-of-year-end-of-study stress. After all, Morrissey has a reputation for… Read More

This is an interesting novel: stylistically quite modern and vintage 1950s in tone. It portrays a really interesting slice of life at a time when women stayed at home and devotedly followed their husbands wherever they went. In this case, the young heroine, Charlotte is an educated young English woman who falls in love with… Read More

Emerging Australian author and artist Sophie Hardcastle’s new book, Running like China, is a memoir based on her struggles with mental illness during her youth. Mental illness is still considered a taboo subject, hence many patients are forced to conceal it. Hardcastle attempts to break this silence, laying out her life experiences to reveal the… Read More

I have just finished Peter Carey’s latest book Amnesia, which is significant because it was not a book I could read quickly. It’s not a page-turner, but it is compelling. Why so? Well, firstly I think Peter tackles an era in Australia’s history that was alarming at the time. A time when beloved Prime Minister… Read More

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