What do you do when you've forgotten where you've left something? Hare is in a bit of a bother. He had a great idea but now he has lost it. Fantail, Tomtit and the rest of the forest creatures try to help. But nothing works, until Hare has another idea. Author Deborah Hinde has illustrated… Read More

Little Why is the story of a typical young elephant. They (pleased to see a gender neutral Little Why) just can’t stay in line blindly following the elder elephants because of a burning, endless, question, one that parents with toddlers will wearily identify with: Why? As the pack meanders towards their watering hole, Little Why… Read More

If, like me, it’s always been a dream of yours to explore Africa and go on a safari, be warned: this book will only further fuel that passion thanks to its breath-taking photography of the African landscape and its furry inhabitants. At over 300 pages, I was a little cynical and assumed that the images… Read More

Sad the dog is given to Mr and Mrs Cripps for Christmas. However, they don’t want a dog, and while they care for him in a barely-there fashion, they disapprove of his puppy nature and never give him a name. Thus he names himself – Sad. Then the Cripps leave (but he’s only alone for… Read More

In the past few weeks there has been a little bit of a furore around sharks. Three time world champion surfer Mick Fanning had bit of a run in with a large sharky type creature in the water on live TV and sharks were once again thrust into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. The… Read More

It’s a pleasant reminder that some good stories can come out of terrible situations. The ANZAC invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula was one of our worst moments in our collective history, but out of it came our nation’s very identity. For a complete history lesson about New Zealand’s involvement in World War One, I recommend… Read More

Animal farm for an adult reader. Well, sorta but not really. Yeah, the animals talk and all that, but there is more to it. A few pages in I have to admit I was thinking Duchovny had just read the Orwell classic and was having his own stab at mastery, but there are enough differences… Read More

I Am Henry Finch is an off-beat philosophical story about discovering each and every one of us is unique. It’s a story pondering the big questions, such as ‘I think therefore I am’, and is about inspiring all of us to discover our own greatness. Henry Finch is a little finch who wakes up one… Read More

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