This book has a long sub-title, “My Extraordinary Life while Hiding in Plain Sight”, which instantly drew me. I find the concept of working as a spy or a secret agent, while at the same time remaining totally inconspicuous, part of the fascinating myth that has grown up about the profession. So I was hoping… Read More

It is 4999: the year of Atania. Lasandria, an ancient and glorious civilisation, has just been destroyed in a horrific episode of destruction and violence. Ardonis, High Priest of Lasandria, brings the matter to the Council of Elders at the Court of Shanadon in the realm of the Guardians. The Elders, comprised of six men… Read More

Penguin have released a 60 year celebratory issue of this kiwi kids classic. They have not altered any of it – the illustrations and typeface and paper stock are all reminiscent of a past era. And the slightly padded hardback cover completes the package. It is a lovely package that I think will find its… Read More

A narrative poem in couplets that rhyme; You’d hope for something truly sublime. A tale that shines, like the sun, is golden; Alas, alack, to mediocrity we’re beholden. TS Eliot has the upper hand with cats, Treading on his toes this is inferior, ersatz. And while the story’s not only about felines It’s hardly exciting… Read More

Toot is a little story about the big dreams of the world’s tiniest whale. Stuck in a goldfish pond and dreaming of the sea, Toot makes the great leap, popping from champagne glass to dog bowl and, with the help of a Princess, into a tiny sea-bound plane. Finally, after much adventure Toot finally makes… Read More

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series sees Timmy Failure take to the road – with the usual disastrous consequences. Everyone’s favourite kid detective is back in the newest addition to the series, which sees Timmy on a road trip with none other than notorious criminal Molly Moskins. Travelling halfway across the… Read More

Acclaimed historian Eleanor Herman begins her historical fantasy series, Blood of Gods and Royals, with the exciting novel, Legacy of Kings. This book is a vivid reimagining of the political and personal experiences of Alexander the Great, his family and peers. Destiny is sure to entwine the lives of the sixteen year old Prince Alexander… Read More

Trigger Mortis is the latest in a long line of novels featuring the character James Bond. Like the last, by Sebastian Faulks, this was commissioned by the estate of Ian Fleming and, also like Faulks’, the book is set in the era when Fleming wrote the originals (the 1950s and 60s). Attempts to bring 007 up… Read More

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