Reviewer Profiles

JJ McConnachieJJ McConnachie

JJ is a writer by night, & a Product Manager by day. She loves young adult and children's fiction and is the co-founder of NZ Booklovers. She has a Masters in Creative Writing, and is an ex-English tutor. She lives in Auckland with her husband, daughter, and two chihuahuas.

Tanya AllportTanya Allport

Tanya is a freelance writer, reviewer and blogger with a background in comparative literature. When she is not reading fabulous new books or writing about them, you can find her horse riding or walking her dogs in the beautiful Waitakere ranges. Visit Tanya at

Emma CoddEmma Codd

Emma is an ardent writer, reviewer and editor. She currently lives in Orange, NSW, where she shares her time between writing, undergraduate studies in Linguistics and French (oui, c’est vrai!), and her “day job” as a yoga teacher. Emma especially enjoys reading women’s fiction, contemporary fiction and the classics.

Rebekah FraserRebekah Fraser

Rebekah is an Otago-based mother of two young girls. The former journalist and primary school teacher has a soft spot for New Zealand authors and young adult fiction. Follow her on Twitter.

Marcus HobsonMarcus Hobson

Marcus was until recently a businessman but has given all that up to follow his lifelong passion to be a writer. With a varied career behind him, including a degree in Ancient and Mediaeval History (and archaeology) he has wide ranging literary tastes from popular fiction to Viking sea burials. He is currently working on his second novel, a mix of fact and fiction set in the First World War (and crossing his fingers about getting his first book published). Marcus lives near Tauranga with his wife and their daughters, and is the Literary Editor of ARTbop, a local online magazine .

Heidi North-BaileyHeidi North-Bailey

Formerly working in publishing in London, Heidi is now a freelance editor and writer based in Auckland. A graduate of the Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University and The Creative Hub, Heidi also has a first class Honours Degree in Screenwriting and Directing from The University of Auckland, Heidi is passionate about good storytelling across genres and loves reading, especially literary and children’s fiction. When not being kept busy as a new mum, Heidi tinkers with poetry and is chipping away at a novel.

Drew ThompsonDrew Thompson

Drew operates a successful hobby farm for pampered cattle in rural South Auckland. He once dabbled in education, where he discovered any book was a good book. As with most ex-teachers, he realised he was better off spending his time and patience on his own awesome children.

Dione JosephDione Joseph

Dione is an Auckland based theatre director and writer with background in performance and community & cultural development. She works as a freelance arts journalist, guest lecturer and creative advisor on a range of different projects both in New Zealand and internationally. She is primarily a non-fiction reviewer who adores travelogues, history, memoirs and creative cooking texts. Read more at

Gillian TorcklerGillian Torckler

Gillian writes books for adults and children, has a PhD in medicine, and likes to create cool things from wool. She’s been scuba diving for over 25 years, and collaborated with her photographer husband on several underwater themed books. She lives in North Auckland, and sometimes on the Hauraki Gulf on the family yacht. Gillian enjoys reading fabulous science books and biographies, and almost any fiction except for fantasy and horror. Read more at

Arielle WalkerArielle Walker

Arielle is a avid reader, writer and music-geek in her final year of a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. She loves all fiction but can't seem to stay away from sci-fi and fantasy. She lives in Auckland with too many books and not enough shelves.

Jazz CroftJazz Croft

General fiction reviewer and generally bumbling Literature graduate. Having recently moved from London to Wellington, she's still getting to grips with the Kiwi accent, not having to queue for everything or saying 'sorry' constantly. Her literary tastes sway towards modernists, novels featuring moany women (Madam Bovary) and authors with a filthy sense of humour (Henry Miller). Read more at

Matthew CoddMatthew Codd

Matthew is a freelance writer and reviewer with a love of all things nerdy. Comics and graphic novels are his main area of interest, but he'll read anything that grabs his attention, be it romance, historical non-fiction, or anything in between. Some of his favourite books are The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, the Sandman comic series by Neil Gaiman, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. When he's not reading, you'll probably find him playing video games, eating pizza, watching cartoons, and trying to keep up with his cats, Clementine and Frankie.

Faustina PaustinFaustina Paustin

Faustina was reading when she popped out of the womb. Probably. Reading is her life, and she’ll read pretty much anything. After reading her way through primary, high school, and university, and finding she hasn’t gotten sick of it, she’s still reading now. Her favourite genres are YA, realist fiction, and magical realist fiction, with a strong focus on diversity. She believes that houses should have in-built bookshelves in all the rooms, and that ebooks and printed books can get along.

Toni WiToni Wi

Toni is a reader, writer, blogger, and postgraduate student living in Christchurch. When not reading she enjoys road trips and going to the movies. Her favorite books are set in space, boarding schools, the ruins of civilization, and city streets. She loves a good love story, and characters that surprise and delight. You can follow her on Goodreads and Twitter.

Azariah AlfanteAzariah Alfante

Azariah is a writer based in Auckland. Extending her love of words to the realm of academia, she studies Hispanic language and literature at postgraduate level. She enjoys writing and reading fiction, particularly 19th century novels, historical and contemporary fiction, fantasy and short stories. She has a thing for grey clouds, cobblestones and second-hand bookshops.

Karen McKenzieKaren McKenzie

Karen McKenzie is a Director of NZ Booklovers. She has worked in book publishing for the past 17 years, as a publicist and also selling international rights. Karen is passionate about book publishing and enjoys working with authors to help them realise their dreams. She is also a published author of eleven books under the name 'Karen McMillan'. More info at

Stuart MacadamStuart Macadam

If there's one guy who still prefers reading over movies and television it's Stuart. He has read books in every single genre imaginable. He lives in Auckland with his family and also writes for the websites Getfrank and Chelsey.

Kate SpencerKate Spencer

A Jill of all trades, mistress of none, Kate has tried everything: prison psychology, volunteering with homeless people, teaching English abroad, and editing a magazine in China (thankfully not in Chinese!). A born procrastinator, she's been working on her autobiographical book for the past five years and has got nowhere. Although wanderlust fills her heart she is happiest performing her comedy poems at spoken word nights and getting inordinate amounts of attention.

Hannah StibbeHannah Stibbe

Hannah is an interior designer, stylist and writer living in Nelson. A Brit/Cloggy among Kiwis, whether she's busy with floor plans or fabrics, she'll always find the time to read and will never leave the house without a good book in her bag - or sometimes two or three! Hannah especially enjoys reading women's fiction, biographies and the classics.

Chelsea LeeChelsea Lee

Chelsea Lee is a twenty-something university dropout. She has a penchant for 80s synth pop. She lives, reluctantly, in Auckland and enjoys the works of miserable existentialists and misanthropes.

Jemma RichardsonJemma Richardson

Jemma Richardson is a Wellington based writer, reviewer and creator of book shrines. She studied English Literature, Film and Creative Writing at university, and especially loves women’s writing and short stories. You can check out more of her work at Listicle where she is a regular contributor.

Louise RyanLouise Ryan

Louise’s love of reading sees her spending her days as an English and media teacher and her evenings trying to write. She gets a bit anxious if she doesn’t have at least a dozen books ready for reading next to her bed: the current pile includes books ranging from sports and biography, to politics and culture, anything on the media; and even a few cookbooks [which she devours like novels]. She lives in Auckland with her partner who has introduced her to speculative fiction and science books.

Libby BrickellLibby Brickell

Libby likes to think of herself as widely read but is probably more of an eclectic hoarder - anything from NZ poetry books to Japanese novellas to chick-lit set in Manhattan crosses her bedside table. However, if a curator was looking through her bookshelves in order to find a link between all of the pages, it would probably have a bent towards literary fiction (think Margaret Atwood, Kazuo Ishiguro, David Mitchell), short stories (Yoko Ogawa, Susan Orr, Dave Egger) and novels with a nod to history (Tracy Chevalier, Arthur Golden, Kathryn Stockett).

Sarah ReeseSarah Reese

Sarah has recently completed a double degree in Law, English and Linguistics and is about to move on to postgraduate study, with the goal of eventually obtaining a PhD. As a reader, she enjoys magical realism and literary fiction, as well as Jane Austen and the occasional adventure novel. In her spare time she also writes historical fiction, which she hopes to get published in the not-too-distant future.

Kristen NicholasKristen Nicholas

Kristen Nicholas is a passionate young advocate of all things literature. Her main love lies with Young Adult and Children’s writing/reading, though she greatly enjoys other genres also. Her favourite authors are Ilsa J. Bick and Louise Rennison. Kristen lives in Wellington with her family, and is currently completing study to work with her second passion in life, animals.

Roger E. MontroseRoger E. Montrose

Roger E. Montrose is a young New Zealand-based author and filmmaker. As an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy from a young age, writing his own fanciful stories seemed a natural progression. Though he has little patience for short stories, he is a strong writer of micro fiction and has won several online contests with these works. Beyond writing, he has a passion for eSports, film and food, and will accept bribes of rum and exotic chillies.

Jessica EllenJessica Ellen

Jessica loves candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach but if you really want to win her heart you'll need to drive a 67 Impala. Oh, and read books. Her tastes include young adult fiction and trashy novels that she would never be caught reading in public (but that is what dust jackets off other books are for).

Brogan LomaxBrogan Lomax

Brogan Lomax is an avid reader and writer with a BA in English, although she currently works as a pre-school teacher in Hamilton. In her spare time, she can most likely be found with her nose in a book. She has always been a huge lover of the classics, but over the past few years she has branched out, with fantasy/sci-fi and YA novels taking up more and more room on her already overflowing bookshelves.

Iain McKenzieIain McKenzie

Iain McKenzie is a Director of NZ Booklovers, and is the person to contact about the products we offer on our shop. He is also the Publisher for McKenzie Publishing. A true book lover, Iain reads hundreds of books every year, and especially enjoys well-written and engaging fiction.

Rachel WhiteRachel White

Rachel White’s mother was a writer and she also worked in publishing, so there were always books around Rachel growing up. Rachel eventually ended up working in publishing too, amongst other careers, so her mother’s influence has carried on. Rachel’s love of food, gardening, travel and cats mean her interests are fairly wide. She also enjoys contemporary and historical fiction and anything that expands the mind. She thinks many of the world’s problems could be solved if people read more.

Emma JacksonEmma Jackson

Emma Jackson a young writer, currently in the midst of working on a science fiction trilogy in between keeping up with her studies. She especially loves Harry Potter and dystopian literature and cannot resist a good cup of coffee. Her novel, Within the Walls, has become a Featured story on and she aspires to publish it one day.