Kakapo Dance, by Helen Taylor

All the New Zealand birds in the bush love singing and dancing, but Kakapo thinks he can’t… Until he hears and sees all the other birds having fun, and realises that maybe he can sing and dance after all, just in his own way.

Author/illustrator Helen Taylor’s realistic illustrations of the different native New Zealand birds in Kakapo Dance are a wonderful way to teach children how to identify them. I read it to my three year old daughter, and she loved being able to point out the pukeko (Grandad has a few running around his property), and enjoyed learning what all the other birds looked like.

The words of Kakapo Dance teach more about the different birds, describing their sounds and movements in simple wording that is fun for kids to chant out. More than that, this picture book has a lovely message that everyone is different, and that being different is a good thing! Suitable for ages 2-5.

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