The Hobbit Location Guidebook, by Ian Brodie

Turns out New Zealand has some pretty flash scenery. Not all of it has been exploited by Peter ‘cash in now’ Jackson, but the places that have can all found in this book.

I guess being a New Zealander who has some pretty good views just outside my kitchen window I’m a little bit ‘overloaded’ on cool looking nature ‘stuff’. Also most New Zealanders are well known for being quite the fans of sharing how awesome New Zealand is. Plus there are a lot of Kiwi’s that are big fans of Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So do we actually need another book? Yes, because of all of the above reasons.

Up until the last installment on The Hobbit came out, I would have also called myself a massive fan of the Tolkien world. But having seen what Jackson did to such a classic book, I am not a fan of him anymore. It just did not need to be three movies long.

But I’m not getting paid to review movies, probably because I’m such a stickler for details. Like why was there a random female elf? And why did Beorn drop in from above and take on a pile of orcs? Oh, spoiler alert.

If the final Hobbit movie didn’t destroy your faith in all things Tolkien and if you live in the city with only a view of several brick walls, this latest guidebook will astound you. For me, I’m sending it to my friends in New York. They go bananas over these books and they love the movies. After the LOTR series, I sent them the LOTR location guidebooks that Ian Brodie created originally and they couldn’t wait to get to New Zealand to see the locations used.

This book has exactly that same pulling power for tourists, fans especially. For the non-fan, well, you probably wouldn’t consider the book, but it should be said that the scenic photography in this guidebook could easily stand alone as being from another world.

You can debate the merits of Peter Jackson defiling Tolkien’s legacy and making a billion dollars in the process all you like, but this book stands alone as an amazing tribute to Middle Earth.

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