The Daily Male, by Rosemary Hepözden

In her ode to Kiwi men, The Daily Male: A Kiwi Bloke’s Book of Days, anthropologist Rosemary Hepözden sets out to show the world that there is far more to Kiwi men than the stereotypes that may, at first, spring to mind. This unique collection of anecdotes offers not just entertainment, but inspiration, showcasing some of New Zealand’s bravest, strongest and brightest lads.

The book contains 366 anecdotes, one for every day of the year – including February the 29th. The Daily Male allows readers to skip to any day of the year and discover some of the most memorable moments in the lives of Kiwi blokes over the last century, from records they set, to lives they saved, to the (later successful) businesses they started up.

Yes, the book highlights some inspiring and encouraging times in the history of Kiwi chaps, but this is not without some lighthearted fun and a typically Kiwi style. Illustrations, by Murray Webb, are included: black and white newspaper-type caricatures of some of the featured men.

Both informative and amusing, there is something interesting and new to discover for everyone in this gem of a coffee table book. The Daily Male is the ideal gift for Kiwi guys who are tough to shop for.

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