100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens, By Fiona Eadie

100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens, by Fiona Eadie, is a beautiful book – a real celebration of native plants for domestic and, well, larger, gardens as well. The author, Fiona Eadie is the Head Gardener at Larnoch Castle In Dunedin.

This is a new edition of an old favourite, and I can see why. This edition has new species and is fully revised both in content and design. Photographs that show the plant details, and the whole specimen accompany each plant description, which includes the usual information about care and long-term management. You really get a feel for how that particular plant will grow into a space or its surroundings.

Planting with New Zealand natives no longer needs to be simply a bush landscape – this book shows the remarkable diversity that is available. The advantages of using natives in landscaping should be obvious – they grow in our conditions naturally and we are preserving a little bit of New Zealand for the future. It’s a graduation in New Zealand gardening from the old English style of gardening that we imported into a more unique approach that is well suited to our environment. And, as Fiona shows in this book, it is a rather lovely approach that results in a garden of colour and texture all year round.

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TITLE: 100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens
AUTHOR(S): Fiona Eadie
PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House
RRP: $45.00
ISBN: 9781775536512

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