Random House Thrills Crime Fans

It might be because of the fast pace, or because of the nail-biting suspense, but one thing’s clear: we are a culture that devours crime and thriller related entertainment. This is evident in the growing number of television shows of this genre, and in the ever-increasing list of suspense-spinning authors. Publishing company Random House has risen to this demand, recently launching their – well worth a look – Crime & Thrillers website.

In 2013, Random House conducted a comprehensive survey to help them get into the minds of crime readers and better understand the genre’s appeal. What the publishing company learned was that crime fiction fans are some of the most passionate and avid readers amongst us; they also discovered that word-of-mouth was the main marketing tool that inspired these readers’ book choices.

In response to this survey, Random House Australia & New Zealand have launched a website, solely dedicated to crime and thriller fiction, that will offer readers the chance to learn more about their favourite authors and books. This site is a showcase of Random House’s crime and thriller books from both the Tasman and across the globe. It offers everything from book suggestions and award information to staff picks and insights into what’s coming out next.

So, whether your favourite author is Lee Child, Henning Mankell, Kate Atkinson, or Karen Slaughter, whether you prefer horrific true crime, technical police procedures, or flawed but tough crime fighters, here is a website that will point you in the direction of your next gripping suspense book.

Visit the Random House Crime & Thriller website, or follow the Facebook page, which now has over 12 000 likes.

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