A Fond Farewell to Capital Books

Another independent bookstore has had to make the tough decision to close its doors. According to the Dominion Post, Wellington’sCapital Books will be closing at the end of August 2014.

For 18 years, Tim and Glenda Skinner have run Capital Books. Like so many independent bookstores, they have been unable to compete with the growing ebook and online booksellers that offer cheaper, and more easily accessible books. To make matters worse, Tim and Glenda reported that regularly they see people come into the store and take photos on their mobile phones of books that, clearly, they will go and source later online. How disheartening!

The closure of Capital Books is a great loss for the city of Wellington, and its closure brings with it many worries of what the future of the bookstore might be. It is with much appreciation that I wish Tim and Glenda all the best, and, if like me you are someone who loves the feel and smell of a new book, let this serve as the encouragement you need to go out and support your local, independent bookstore.

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