FanFiction Comedy: Review

New Zealand’s hilarious FanFiction Comedy returned last night for one night only at the International Comedy Festival in Auckland. It sold out in the last two years, and last night’s show was another packed house.

If you are not aware of what fanfiction is, then I highly recommend you head along to and have a read of some. It involves fans of books or movies (or anything really) writing stories based on the original – side-stories, or what-happened-next stories, or stories written from another character’s perspective. Some of it is nails on a blackboard terrible, some so good you’d think the author of the original had written it.

Fanfiction Comedy is a group of comedians that write and read out their fanfiction for your entertainment. The fanfiction read last night was a mixed bag, one part ridiculous, two parts pure comedy gold. The show involved the reading of fanfiction by comedians Joseph Moore, Eli Matthewson, Heidi O’Loughlin, Jamie Adam, Nic Sampson, along with special guests James Acaster (UK) and Sam Simmons (Australia).

The most enjoyable fanfiction stories are the ones based on very well known books or movies, and at last night’s show this was no exception. The stories that stood out were a mash-up of Pokemon and Jurassic Park (Pokemon instead of Dinosaurs), and a retelling of Beauty and the Beast from the perspective of the castle’s staff (Mrs Potts had a very interesting point to make about drinking hot tea out of the skull of her son, Chip). While I hadn’t seen Momento, James Acaster did a brilliant version of it, telling the story of how he met Mr Echo from Lost backwards.

Each story read at the show was only 5-10 minutes long, so there was plenty to keep the attention of the crowd. The combination of fanfiction and stand up comedy is unique and entertaining. Whether you love fanfiction, or have never heard of it, if you are a fan of books or movies, then it is well worth going to see one of FanFiction Comedy‘s shows.

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