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As a writer who works as a designer in a New Zealand publishing firm, I can’t help but notice the disconnect between potential authors expectations and the business and art of publishing. Until I worked in the publishing industry, I too was completely unaware of the pressures of contemporary bookselling. My idea of getting published… Read More

I love charity shops. I am a sucker for a bargain at the best of times and can spend hours perusing the treasures that others have considered trash. It’s my favourite way to waste a lunch hour or hang out with friends (or, indeed, the mother-in-law). The bookshelves are an incredible place to while away… Read More

One of the things I love best about writing is the fact that it forces you to really empathise with your characters – at least, if you want to write something well. In general, this means stepping outside of yourself and frequently outside of your comfort zone, as the people you’re writing about won’t necessarily… Read More

From what I remember, being a teenager was being in a constant state of change and anxiety. Existentialism weighed heavy – even though I didn’t yet know what name to give that feeling. If you know a teenager, or are indeed one yourself, this won’t be much of a surprise. Obviously, some teens emerge from teen-dom… Read More

I started bussing to work a few months ago and realised — as I sat, crammed in with other daily commuters — that I had just discovered a whole new pocket of readers. These readers brave jostling elbows and dripping umbrellas. They fend off carsickness despite the rumbling vibrations of the bus. They endure cliffhangers and… Read More

I love travelling. I love strapping on a backpack, taking the least amount of stuff possible, and getting out into the world. I also love reading but, as you know, books are heavy and I can’t take enough for my time away. “Why not use an e-reader?” I hear you ask. “Pah!” I would scoff… Read More

The one question that many writers dread (and consequently get asked the most often) is where they get their creative ideas. Many people who don’t write seem to be under the impression that plot ideas spring into the world fully formed, like Athena emerging from Zeus’ forehead, and that writers are merely better equipped, better… Read More

A haiku is a short poem, originating in Japan. It is unique because it has a specific number of lines and syllables per line: A haiku can be only three lines long The first line of the haiku must contain 5 syllables The second line must contain 7 syllables The third (and last) line must… Read More

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