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For me, 2015 was the year I failed miserably at reading. This year, I am doing everything in my power to increase how much I read. If, like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more in 2016, then this list might help you. It challenges you to read a book a… Read More

It is just about time to pull a shirt over your newly minted sunburn and head back to the office (or study). You may be facing this new year with a raft of resolutions, hopes and dreams or you may be dragging your feet with reluctance and perhaps a trace of despair. However, wherever you find… Read More

The great Guillermo del Toro has blessed us with his offering of Crimson Peak, and with it demonstrated what all good stories need: a larger than life house, memorable enough to be the beating heart of the story. Allerdale House, the great, emaciated, maw of Allerdale House with its sinister secrets is undoubtedly one of… Read More

I’ve been reading a fair few books lately which were designed to have a “message” – that is, to convince the reader of a certain point of view, using fiction as a medium for the author’s voice. Message fiction and I don’t usually get along: I have never enjoyed being told what to do, and… Read More

With sunshine just around the corner and those lovely long evenings to look forward to, it’s time to start putting together a summer reading list for those (brief, possibly illusory and yet still glorious) weekends at the beach or sitting out in the sun. If you enjoy historical fiction, or just want to try something… Read More

The 2015 International Poetry Competition Results have been announced, and Diocesan School for Girls Year 11 student Joanna Li won the Junior (under 17) Gallipoli section in the 2015 New Zealand Poetry Society Competition.  Her poem will be published in their annual anthology, to be released in November 2015. Do you hear the drums? Do… Read More

Itching to write a Young Adult novel? Want your name to be tacked onto the list of authors who have risen to YA novel stardom? Do you, too, want to join the legions of others who have become a New York No. 1 Bestselling author? I’m hearing a resounding yes. Here, my YA inclined friend… Read More

It was Father’s Day here a while back and it got me thinking about all the iconic father figures that have become a part of popular culture. From Darth Vader to Hamlet’s ghostly patriarch, they all cut a striking, unforgettable figure, at times seeming almost larger than life. “Avenge thy father” is certainly better ingrained… Read More

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