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Last year, sick of not being motivated to read enough, I tried the 2016 book challenge. While I didn’t quite get through all 52 books, I did read more than triple the amount of books I read the year before. Not a bad improvement! This year I’m going to try again with a new list… Read More

December marks the birth month of Jane Austen, literary great, and queen of barbed wit. Whether she’s hailed as one of the cornerstone figures of English literature, or lamented as someone who authored simplistic novels in which Nothing Much Happens, you can’t deny her pulling power. The woman is everywhere. And (not that I’m biased… Read More

When it comes to choosing a book, the old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can surely be applied. While bestseller lists and the “must reads” of the moment might give an indication as to how publishing companies and booksellers are measuring the success of book sales, it is not really a… Read More

You may or may not have heard the exciting news that David Levithan, young adult author extraordinaire, and wordsmith of my heart, will be gracing New Zealand shores for the Christchurch Word Festival. Levithan was one of the cornerstones of my YA reading experience, and I gobbled my way through his works like the hungry… Read More

For most people who love books it would be fair to say that reading a good book equals happiness – you know, the kind of happiness where you are entirely hooked from beginning to end, where at the end of the day returning home to read your book makes you feel as excited as having… Read More

My boyfriend is getting annoyed. Every week I bring home more books to add to the ever expanding piles and every week he sighs. We both know that I’ll never have the time to read them before I buy more but I can’t stop. It’s not quite an addiction, though there is comfort in having… Read More

It’s not long to go now before the day, D-day, V-day. Cue sirens. So much pressure, so much expectation hinging on a single day, and so many ways for it to all go wrong. Never fear, though. We’re here to help you avoid any and all mistakes that can crop up on the journey of… Read More

It’s that time of year again — the time when everyone starts making promises to themselves to eat better, exercise more and get back to that hobby they’ve been neglecting since god knows when. If you’re anything like I was, chances are that writing is that hobby for you: the one you’ve been guiltily letting… Read More

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