Danielle Hawkins grew up on a sheep and beef farm near Otorohanga in New Zealand, and later studied veterinary science. After graduating as a vet she met a very nice dairy farmer who became her husband. He later switched to sheep farming. Danielle spends two days per week working as a large animal vet and… Read More

Before there was Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, there was Fergus Hume’s The Mystery of a Hansom Cab the biggest and fastest-selling detective novel of the 1800s, and Australia’s first literary blockbuster. BLOCKBUSTER! is the engrossing story of a book that would help define the genre of crime fiction, and a portrait of a great city in full… Read More

Roald Dahl understands kids. He know what they want to read about, what they don’t like, and what their problems are. And a lot of the time, their problems are their parents or caregivers who just won’t. Let. Them. Be. No one can summarily dismiss the adults in a story like Roald Dahl can. Persistent… Read More

There are a plethora of self-help books out there. Anyone finding themselves at whatever kind of crossroad can probably find a conveniently titled self-help book to suit their individual needs. If you’ve experienced it, you can be sure someone’s written about it. There are some truly bizarre titles out there. For your amusement, we’ve paired… Read More

Phil Gifford is one of New Zealand’s most respected and experienced sports journalists. He has more than 20 sports books to his credit and at various stages of his career was a genuine multi-media personality. He has worked in newspapers, magazines, radio (where he became one of New Zealand’s most recognisable voices) and television. This… Read More

Carole Brungar has a Degree in Communication, majoring in Communication Management and Journalism, and has worked as a journalist and photographer for many years. In 2016 the opening chapter of The Nam Legacy won The California Dreamin’ Hooker Competition for the best opening hook. The year before her first novel, A tide too high, also took second… Read More

Raewyn Dawson is a recognised poet, award-winning public speaker, previous Classical Studies teacher and pianist. Born in Wellington, she is one of seven children brought up in harsh conditions on a pig farm in Dunedin. She has lived and worked in the Pacific, and now lives in Christchurch with her husband. She talks to NZ Booklovers… Read More

Mark McGinn, is the author of three previous novels, Deceit, Trust No One and Best Served Cold. His latest novel, Presumed Guilty, is a contemporary NZ story (set in a time where Treaty settlements were being debated) with the editor of a newspaper accused of the murder of his wife, who was an editor of… Read More

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