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I enjoyed the latest James Bond film, it was entertaining but it wasn’t as good as the previous three with Daniel Craig as Bond. It lacked a credible plot. The actions scenes, as you would expect, were brilliant, but the plot just didn’t fully cover the spaces between them. The scriptwriters reverted to a previous… Read More

In three captivating parts, Lucy Worsley investigates murders throughout history, and how our morbid fascination with the subject has influenced popular culture and literature. Episode one revisits real-life crime from the first half of the 19th century, during the period when Thomas De Quincey wrote his celebrated essays on murder and the guilty pleasure we… Read More

Fans of fantasy comedy are in for a treat with Riftworld Chronicles, a set of eight webisodes about a dimension-traveling wizard, Alar (Tohmoh Penikett) who ends up stuck on earth without his magical powers. When he enlists the help of journalist Kim (Erin Karpluk) to help him on his quest to return home, the misadventure… Read More

The latest adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s 1874 novel of the same name is visually exquisite with a slew of fabulous performances – but does it to justice to the original story? Read on to find out (note: spoilers ahead for those that haven’t read the book). If you haven’t read much Hardy or at the… Read More

Aloha has a star studded line up: Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin even Bill Murray. It’s guaranteed to be the perfect rom-com action comedy (y’know good guy gets the girl, saves the world) and it’s set in Hawaii! What could go wrong? Well, pretty much everything. The plot runs along like a… Read More

There is nothing wrong with girl power. Especially when it takes on the classic male dominated espionage action-thriller genre and gives it more than just a poke but a damn good hiding. Yes, this is Melissa McCarthy who has left behind the basement benches (and previous supporting roles) for some front line action as the… Read More

The Woman in Gold is a film about the struggle to return an iconic painting by Gustav Klimt. You have probably seen the painting, the real title is Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer; it is very similar to the golden designs in Klimt’s most famous painting called The Kiss. In this true story of wartime art… Read More

Vera Brittain’s book, Testament of Youth, was first published in 1933 and includes her memoires of the First World War. She fought against many obstacles to win a place at Oxford and began her studies just a few weeks after the outbreak of war. Then, having watched her brother and her fiancée leave for the… Read More

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