NZ Booklovers chats with Gabrielle Tozer, the author of the young adult novel The Intern. Hi Gabrielle, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, about you, and about your latest book, The Intern! My absolute pleasure. Thanks for having me! You’ve worked for some recognisable magazines – Dolly, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend… how did… Read More

Stacy Gregg, author of The Princess and the Foal, a Junior Fiction finalist in the 2014 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards, discusses the background of the novel, and what she enjoys outside of writing. As an author, you must have a lot of ideas floating around. How did you decide to write this book… Read More

NZ Booklovers chats with Lauren Oliver, the author of young adult novels Before I Fall, Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem, & Panic. One of the first things I realised after reading them all is that all of your novels (if you place the Delirium trilogy into one basket for the purposes of this question) are very different… Read More

NZ Booklovers chats with the incredibly talented young adult fantasy author, Cornelia Funke. Cornelia’s books include the Inkheart trilogy, and the Mirrorworld series. She is coming to New Zealand for the Auckland Writers Festival in May, and you’ll be able to catch her at her Mirrorworlds event on May 16th 2014. Hi Cornelia, thanks so… Read More

NZ Booklovers chats with Warwick Jordan, the founder of Hard To Find Books, which has a store in Onehunga, Auckland, another in Dunedin (which is currently doubling in size), as well as an online store at Tell us a little about the history of Hard To Find Books. I began the original shop in… Read More

Where did you draw the inspiration for The Wrong Girl’s wonderful cast of characters? All my book characters are based on someone I know or have met. Or, more accurately, a kind of Frankenstein of several people. I do this to make them especially engaging, but also to protect the identities of those people they’re… Read More

Hi Ben, thanks for catching up with NZ Booklovers. Congratulations on next month’s release of Drowning City, has life changed much since becoming a published author? Thanks, it’s still difficult to fully get a grasp on! Subjectively, life hasn’t changed that much. I didn’t expect it to – the book’s yet to be released, after… Read More

Julie Biuso is rapidly becoming known as one of New Zealand’s top chefs and her fame is already growing internationally. With an array of awards and numerous books out already, it’s no wonder that this talented Aucklander is getting ready to battle it out in the finals of the 2014 Gourmand awards in China, against… Read More

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