Interview: Kara Isaac

Wellington's own Kara Isaac, contemporary romance author of Close to You and the just released  Can't Help Falling, chats to NZ Booklovers abut Narnia, writing and some of her favourite things. Can’t Help Falling centres around two Narnia fans. What is your relationship with this classic series? I’ve loved the Chronicles of Narnia since I was a… Read More

James Franco chats about his role as Jake Epping on Prime TV's 11.22.63. Q. Did you read the book, or had you already read it? "Yeah, I read it pretty fast. I just loved it so much. And I actually had a friend that knew Stephen King and I emailed him immediately and said, "Could… Read More

Callum Woodhouse chats about his role as Leslie Durrell on Prime TV's The Durrells. Q: You went straight from drama school to this major ITV drama series. How did that happen? “I’m from Stockton-on-Tees and went to LAMDA (London Academy Of Music & Dramatic Art). I found out I had got this job an hour… Read More

Ransom Riggs chats about having his novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children adapted into a movie directed by Tim Burton (and out September 29th 2016). I guess when the name Tim Burton was first mentioned in terms of directing the film of your book that’s got to be a good moment? An enormous moment. I… Read More

What is The Andromeda Project about? In so many words, The Andromeda Project is about the potential fall of humanity. The alien known as Neight Caster has sought temporary refuge on Earth. His arrival means our immediate future has one of two results, evolution or extinction. Neight warns of a highly sought after power beneath… Read More

NZ Booklovers talks with Australian nutritionist and author of The Happy Life Lola Berry about happiness, food and finding inspiration. How would you describe the work that you do? With out sounding like too much of a hippie, I just do what feels right in my heart. Which is, I write books, talk on TV, film… Read More

On April 23 this year it’s been 400 years Shakespeare passed away, aged 52. For all his fame, not much is known about the man himself. Well-known and award-winning New Zealand writer and illustrator Donovan Bixley wants to change all that with his new book Much ado about Shakespeare – a literary picture book. What… Read More

Mariko Tamaki is a Japanese Canadian writer, activist, and performance artist. Her versatility shines in her craft, her award-winning works encompassing a broad range of topics, from the high school adolescent experience to essays on social issues. With Mariko heading our way soon, we were excited for the chance to pick her brilliant brain. A… Read More

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