March 8th was International Women’s Day - a day to mark the extraordinary and ordinary achievements of women throughout the world. Being a book lover, there's no better way to celebrate brilliant womanhood than to compile a list of my favourite female writers. It goes without saying that compiling this list was a torturous process… Read More

This year seems to be a good one for book to screen adaptations. While we bookworms like to complain loudly about the discrepancies between the page and screen we are always a little bit excited to see written stories take on cinematic life. The complaints and yes, praise, come afterwards, of course. Gathered below for… Read More

Last year, sick of not being motivated to read enough, I tried the 2016 book challenge. While I didn't quite get through all 52 books, I did read more than triple the amount of books I read the year before. Not a bad improvement! This year I'm going to try again with a new list… Read More

December marks the birth month of Jane Austen, literary great, and queen of barbed wit. Whether she’s hailed as one of the cornerstone figures of English literature, or lamented as someone who authored simplistic novels in which Nothing Much Happens, you can’t deny her pulling power. The woman is everywhere. And (not that I’m biased… Read More

Film Review: Sing

Welcome to American Idol meets The Voice except this time the contestants are all creatures great and small. The latest instalment from the masterminds who brought us Inside Out and Despicable Me the team at Illumination have presented the perfect musical jukebox to lead us into the Christmas season. This is the story of Buster… Read More

Interview: Kara Isaac

Wellington's own Kara Isaac, contemporary romance author of Close to You and the just released  Can't Help Falling, chats to NZ Booklovers abut Narnia, writing and some of her favourite things. Can’t Help Falling centres around two Narnia fans. What is your relationship with this classic series? I’ve loved the Chronicles of Narnia since I was a… Read More

James Franco chats about his role as Jake Epping on Prime TV's 11.22.63. Q. Did you read the book, or had you already read it? "Yeah, I read it pretty fast. I just loved it so much. And I actually had a friend that knew Stephen King and I emailed him immediately and said, "Could… Read More

I’ll admit, I’ve fantasized about getting locked in overnight in a bookstore. There’s just something about a bookstore that holds incredible swaying power over bibliophiles. Aside from the books, that is. But if the books are about bookstores?  I’m a goner. That’s blissful biblio-ception. With New Zealand Bookshop Day hurtling around the corner, there’s no… Read More

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