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I am an unashamed chick-lit-aholic! My romantic nature yearns for the fairy tale ending, my sense of humour is satisfied by the “oh no!” moments and quirky best friends, and I enjoy being swept away by the story, enjoying some light relief at the end of a (usually tiring) day. Jane Costello’s The Wish List… Read More

In 1966, Jacqueline Susann published Valley of the Dolls, and paved the way for women’s fiction writers like Jackie Collins and Danielle Steel. At its time, this was an incredibly brave novel about the mishandling of women in a patriarchal world, and how they cling to pills (the “dolls” in the book) in the hopes… Read More

In 1947, a young copywriter named Mary Frances Gerety dreamt up the phrase “a diamond is forever” as part of an advertising campaign for De Beers, rulers of the diamond industry. She had two goals in mind: to convince the world that marriage means a diamond ring, and that she was just as capable of… Read More

Days lost to new Bridget Jones novel: 3; boyfriends neglected over the past 3 days that will need a special apology now that it’s over: 1; times laughed/sniggered out loud: 100s; times thought to self “oh, Bridget”: almost as many; times managed to step away from book and attend to real life: 5. Bridget Jones… Read More

When a woman fumbles when she should be flawless, or when she stutters instead of being succinct or sexy, no matter where in the world she is, one person springs to mind: Bridget Jones. The creation of Helen Fielding, Bridget has become an icon of popular culture, someone that women across the globe can relate… Read More

Let me begin by saying don’t be put off by the numerous bad (and whining) reviews you will read about Lauren Weisberger’s sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. While Revenge Wears Prada may not win any literary awards, it doesn’t need to – it’s Chick Lit. It fulfils its role as a light-hearted, easy read… Read More

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