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A fine new thriller from John le Carré, even if we go back to a place we have been before and in reality very little happens. That may sound negative, but le Carré is such a fine writer that this is still an excellent thriller. For me, le Carré is a master plotter and this… Read More

Andrew Gross is a bestselling author who is making thrillers set in the Second World War his trademark, and The Saboteur is another novel that is set in this territory. It is an action-packed, thrilling novel that will keep you gripped until the final pages. Based on some of the most daring real-life events of… Read More

I’m a huge fan of Michael Robotham’s tightly constructed thrillers, and The Secrets She Keeps didn’t disappoint. Michael Robotham has a great gift for characterisation, so the reader is quickly drawn into the very different lives of two women. Agatha thinks that Megan Shaugnessy’s life is perfect. Megan is beautiful and married to Jack, a… Read More

Jane Harper’s first novel, The Dry, published to worldwide acclaim, and film rights were snapped up by Reese Witherspoon. The burning question is her second novel, Force of Nature, as good? I think it is easily as good, if not better, than her debut novel. Force of Nature is a compelling, page-turning read with excellent… Read More

Girl in Snow is a literary murder mystery from a debut novelist that is darkly atmospheric. Set in a sleepy Colorado suburb, fifteen-year-old Lucinda Haye’s body is found on a playground carousel, covered in snow. She has been brutally murdered, and the police begin to investigate. For officer Russ Fletcher, this is a case he’d… Read More

This is the third novel from author Mark McGinn featuring lawyer Sasha Stace. I haven’t read the first two books, but that was no barrier to reading this excellent crime novel. Sasha Stace is a dedicated, feisty lawyer, looking to make a difference when she takes on defence cases. But she is disillusioned after a… Read More

This gripping, page-turning thriller will have you on the edge of your seat from the opening paragraph until the final page. Hunter Grant is an Afghanistan army veteran who has now settled back in New Zealand. He hopes he has left the war behind, but when he finds an unconscious young woman in the Northland… Read More

This was quite simply a roller coaster of a novel. It has everything that is needed from a good psychological thriller. None of us react well when there are too many rules, but when an architect creates hundred of rules about how to live in one of the houses he built, there are only a… Read More

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