Horror Fiction

At the risk of starting this review with a well-worn cliché, believe me when I say that The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp is the kind of book that you will definitely find hard to put down. Unless – like me – you get easily spooked, and try to banish the book… Read More

Joe Hill is a very clever man. Let’s start with that. Why is he clever? Well for one thing he’s published under the pseudonym Joe Hill instead of taking his birth name, Joseph King, a name given to him by his father, Stephen King. Yes, That Stephen King. This was a shrewd move by Joe… Read More

To celebrate the return of ghosts and spirits this Halloween, we have made a list of our top-five tried and tested spine-chilling stories. Drop us a line to let us know what some of your favourite stories of the “ghost and ghoul” variety are! Move aside “True Blood”, as Salem’s Lot - Stephen King’s novel… Read More

At the risk of sounding a bit like a bad real-estate commercial, The Supernatural Enhancements is a novel that really has it all. There is the old, mysterious house with a dark past; cryptic messages that need deciphering; an occultist secret society; murder and mayhem; the ghost in the bathroom and two young, seemingly unsuspecting… Read More

I sometimes thought I was the only person who had never read a Stephen King novel. That I hadn’t might have something to do with my memories of hiding behind the couch while my sister watched Kujo, the film version of the novel in which a much loved pet turns feral. I have also never… Read More

The reading of horror novels can be a contradictory act in itself. While there is that eerie allure, beckoning us forward, there is also a natural repulsion and underlying dread that makes us want to avoid them altogether. Having spent my childhood appreciating the thrills of stories such as The Canterville Ghost and any other… Read More

It might be because of the fast pace, or because of the nail-biting suspense, but one thing’s clear: we are a culture that devours crime and thriller related entertainment. This is evident in the growing number of television shows of this genre, and in the ever-increasing list of suspense-spinning authors. Publishing company Random House has… Read More

The Uninvited Guests, by Sadie Jones, reads a bit like an Oscar-Wildean type of play: there are the upper class Edwardians - perfectly groomed and mannered characters; the beautiful English manor setting; and a plot that involves a sequence of incredible occurrences, which turns this well presented facade upside down. The beginning of the novel… Read More

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