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In The Scene of the Crime, award-winning journalist, author and columnist, Steve Braunias, presents a truly riveting line-up of twelve of the most infamous crime stories that have occupied the New Zealand public imagination, and which challenge our conceptions of right and wrong, victim and perpetrator, guilt and innocence. As court reporter , originally appointed… Read More

It was a dark and stormy night, or at least it could’ve been in Jane Woodham’s Twister. After an almighty tempest has swirled its way through Dunedin, devastating the area, a missing schoolgirl’s body is found. The only man on hand is Detective Senior Sergeant Leo Judd, who some feel is too close to the… Read More

This is a pacey, gripping read that opens with the main character, Cal McGill being impaled by a wooden fence as he escapes the alarms and sirens sound around him. The fence surrounds the home of a Scottish Minister: parliamentary not religious. Cal has trespassed for a noble cause – to raise awareness of climate… Read More

If you are looking for a no-holds-barred summer read that does not hesitate to plunge head first into a spine-chilling plot from the very outset of the book, then Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil might just be the book for you. The long awaited third instalment of Galbraith’s – aka J.K. Rowling – “Cormoran Strike”… Read More

Janet Evanovich – touted by her publisher as “queen of kick-ass crime”- is one prolific writer. Apart from her ongoing, highly enjoyable Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series, and her writing under the pseudonym of “Charlotte Hughes”, she is also big on collaborating with other writers, like Phoef Sutton for the “Diesel and Tucker” series, and… Read More

There are good reasons why Swedish thrillers have come to be known in the literary world for their dark, eerie nature, usually dealing with the kind of things that make you want to crawl under the blanket and leave the lights on while you are sleeping, things that are very much in contrast to the… Read More

X, by Sue Grafton

It is true that part of the appeal of Sue Grafton’s serial character Kinsey Millhone (pronounced Mil-honey) – a down-to earth, “girl –next-door” type, who just happens to be a private investigator –is that she manages to make even the mundane seem interesting. Reminiscent of a Chandleresque era, where the private detective operated without gadgets… Read More

Stieg Larsson died in 2004 from a heart attack, but the question is: did Lisbeth Salander die with him? Larsson’s father and brother (who own the rights to the famous Millennium series) went against the wishes of his partner Eva Gabrielsson and commissioned David Lagercrantz to continue the story. But it’s not really a continuation… Read More

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