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Detective Rob Ryan doesn’t think about his past. He’s perfectly content in his job in the Dublin Murder Squad, solving crimes and drinking wine with his partner and best friend, Cassie Maddox. What happened years ago in a dark wood has been forgotten and, honestly, he’s left that life behind, along with his real name… Read More

If you’re worried about being a “sucker”, or tired of being a “chump”, then it’s time to get with the lingo. Become familiar with the slang on the streets, the jargon of the criminal world, and the vernacular of investigation. With Part 3 of this A-Z Guide to Crime Speak you’ll be well prepared to… Read More

When you hear of cops walking the “beat” does it conjure images of uniformed officers breaking out into Fred Astaire tap routines? When you read about somebody being a “fence”, do you confusedly imagine him standing deadly still upright alongside your pumpkins and petunias? Here is Part 2 of your A-Z Guide to Crime Speak… Read More

Who doesn’t love a good crime novel and the whodunit suspense of a cracking murder mystery? There’s just something satisfyingly entertaining about the gritty world of con artists, safecrackers, cutthroats and killers. Perhaps though, like me, you adopt a fill-in-the-blanks approach to the criminal jargon interspersed through the narrative. Here is Part 1 of your… Read More

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