Short Stories

It used to be that authors would often start their publishing careers with a collection of short stories before graduating to a full-length novel. Mark Haddon has gone about things the other way around, pushing out three fine novels before attempting a collection of short stories. His first novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog… Read More

Heroes, hoboes, homies and hamburger haters come together in Spitshine, the third collection of short stories by New Zealand author Michael Botur. Botur works as a casual journalist and copywriter, and his work has been published in a variety of newspapers. His poetry and fiction has been published in a number of New Zealand journals. Spitshine features 16… Read More

Every bookworm, or at least every reader of modern literature written in English, ought to have read a Stephen King story. His “what if . . .?” approach to literary creation has produced remarkable titles and continually reinforces the limitless potential of the human imagination. He’s an extremely talented writer, and he certainly lives up… Read More

Shining a spotlight on some of the gritty and quirky areas of our society, Michael Botur's collection of short stories is not for the faint hearted. Many of the stories have been previously published in literary fiction journals and magazines, but they are brought together in this collection for the first time. The hair-raising stories… Read More

New Zealand author Tony Chapelle’s first book features twenty-five short stories, all of which were highly acclaimed entries from local story competitions such as the Cambridge Autumn Festival and Central Districts NZSA Short Story Competition. Several of these stories have also been included in nationwide publications including Another 100 New Zealand Short Short Stories and… Read More

Emanuel E. Garcia is a Philidelphia-born psychiatrist and now writer, who has been living in New Zealand for ten years. He has written scholarly works on psychoanalysis and the psychology of creativity with investigations into famous composers. He has now written four novels, a collection of stories and four books of poetry. This short fiction… Read More

With generously sized short stories, Tim Harris throws the reader into a world where it rains lemonade, dentists terrorise children, a whole school is put on detention at once and making a simple chocolate cake is one of life’s most dangerous tasks. Tim Harris, with 15 years as a primary school teacher under his belt… Read More

Charlotte Grimshaw is an award wining short story writer, novelist, and reviewer.  In The Night Book Grimshaw takes a sharp look at contemporary society. It's like a cut away slice. Like she's driven a big knife into a model of the earth and pulled out a wedge, so we can see the different layers. This… Read More

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