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Title: Ready Player One Author: Ernest Cline Published: 2011 Five word synopsis: near-future video game quest Think: retro video games, 80’s movies and TV shows, geek trivia, global cyber simulation, deteriorated earth, energy crisis, multi-billion dollar fortune, celebrity, bad guys, avatars, Star Wars What’s cool about it: everything What’s not: nothing In a nutshell: it follows our narrator, Wade Watts, as he… Read More

You have likely noticed the number of books being made into films at the moment. Science fiction, in particular, is in the spotlight, with blockbuster films, such as The Hunger Games, raking it in at the box-office. Films like this are almost destined to be popular – after all, they are based on phenomenally popular… Read More

Separated by oceans, Partridge and Pressia are trapped in worlds they no longer understand. As Pressia continues to piece together clues about the Detonations, the possibility of salvation – for everyone, Pure and Wretch alike – lies temptingly close. At the centre of a political power struggle, Partridge is forced to decide the fate of… Read More

If you are a science-fiction fan, you may have come across the subgenres of “dystopian” or “speculative” fiction. But what exactly is speculative fiction? And is there really a huge difference between utopian and dystopian fiction? With the recent rise in science fiction’s popularity, these terms are becoming increasingly common in everyday conversation. Unfortunately, not… Read More

With the recent (huge) rise in popularity of science fiction, terms like “dystopian” and  “post-apocalyptic” are becoming increasingly common in everyday conversation. Unfortunately, not everyone who uses the terms actually knows exactly what they mean. There is a vast range of sub-genres within science fiction, and labels such as “post-apocalyptic-cyber-punk-dystopian fiction”, and it can all… Read More

“She felt none of the fear from the last time she was sent out, but none of the deluded hope that drove many to exile. Somewhere between pointless dreams and hopeless dread was a desire to know the world. And, if possible, make it better.”  The tension in Silo 18 is near breaking point. With… Read More

Embassytown, by China Miéville, is that rare thing in literature: unique. I’m sure there must be other books, other stories that deal with similar ideas, but I have yet to come across anything that comes close to the beautiful strangeness of this one. Avice Benner Cho, a native of Embassytown, returns to her home after… Read More

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