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A tiny crossroad town called Midnight in the middle of nowhere; an ensemble cast with dark secrets and extraordinary abilities; terrifying antagonists including racist bikers and supernatural creatures: this sounds like the setup for a fantastic new fantasy series – and it nearly manages to be. Unfortunately, Midnight Crossroad, the latest book by Charlaine Harris, is… Read More

In the bleak world of Roshar, scourged by constant storms, the inhabitants are as resilient as the land they cling to. The ancient Voidbringers that threatened Roshar have long gone from the world, along with the Knights Radiant who protected all from this evil – until now. Kaladin is struggling to reconcile his newfound surgebinding… Read More

It’s raining in Wellington, sometime soon or not so long ago. Saint has been feeling miserable, maybe due to an odd encounter he had on a bus the other day but he can’t quite remember, only knows it has something to do with a girl and a twisting of sorts, somewhere in his mind. Honestly… Read More

Loki’s had a hard time for the past few thousand years. It’s a shame that the other Norse gods simply won’t accept him – after all, he’s just trying to help, and have a little fun while he’s at it. Tormented by the gods, banished from Chaos and immortalised as the “bad guy” in all… Read More

In the last year of the 19th century, exciting new technology is bringing the world’s cultures together in a way never before seen. In a thrivingly modern New York, magic seems a silly superstition, a thing of the past. But just because some things are no longer believed in, does not mean they do not… Read More

Charlotte Markham only ever intended to be a governess for the young Darrow boys in their large and eerie house. She certainly never meant to fall for the young widowed Master Darrow – not after the tragedy in her own recent past. But when the boys’ nanny is found brutally murdered, and Charlotte takes over… Read More

Sometimes a book comes along that is completely indefinable – so much so that all you can do is fling words about in the sheer hope that one of them might hit the mark. Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, his first novel for adults since Anansi Boys, is so elusive… Read More

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