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Paul Rosolie may be the real life Indiana Jones. He may be what some refer to as a “tree hugger.” Others may see the man as an incredibly passionate youngster. Reading through his brilliant book Mother of God there can be no denying this; his adventures and journeys through the Amazon (and India) are an… Read More

Deborah McKinlay’s new book That Part was True indulges the senses and has characters whose sensibility is unusual and applaudable. If it hadn’t already been taken, I would recommend the title ‘Sense and Sensibility’. In That Part was True we follow Eve Potterworth, a rather defeated mother and divorcee: in a cottage in Surrey in… Read More

Like many New Zealanders, I loved The Denniston Rose when it was released. So, I was eager to read Jenny Pattrick’s Latest novel Heartland and, although I was trying not to compare it to her very successful first novel, it was inevitable that I would. Jenny tells a great story. She also creates really interesting characters through… Read More

Hope. Something only star-crossed lovers dared do. Once upon a time, though, even that hope was torn away in fire and heartbreak… until now.  Aided by a dangerous deception, Karou is in command of the chimera revenants, and Akiva has the support of his Misbegotten kin. Now, there is not only hope, but certainty: that… Read More

Lauren Oliver is one of those authors that manages to write books that are all completely different, both in subject matter and tone, but are still recognisably written by her. It’s something about her voice, I think – her writing is very unique… and it is completely captivating. Panic is no exception – it is a… Read More

I have a confession to make: when I first read Stella’s Starliner, by Rosemary Wells, it brought a little tear to my eye. This tale about the place we call “home” is beautifully written with a charming simplicity and a strong message. Stella is a fox. She lives with her parents in a silver Starliner… Read More

Tape is only Steven Camden’s first novel, but because of the elegance of the writing, the sympathetic characters, and the intriguing premise, you certainly wouldn’t be blamed for thinking otherwise. While aimed at young adults, if you are over 25, then you’ll find this novel nostalgic. You’ll remember the days of playing your own tapes… Read More

Four friends go walking through the woods. They spot a beautiful bird perched on a branch. They want it…but can they catch it? Shh, they have a plan! That it is a good plan, however, cannot be guaranteed. Shh! We Have a Plan is the gorgeously illustrated new picture book from award-winning illustrator Chris Haughton… Read More

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