Kyoto Sakura Tanka by Andrew Lansdown’s is a collection of poems and photographs that pay tribute to the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, during the cherry blossom (sakura) season. A busy author, Kyoto Sakura Tanka is Australian Andrew Lansdown’s fifteenth published collection of poetry and his first published collection of photography. The poems are written in… Read More

Father-and-son team Anthony and Ben Holden have followed up their successful anthology Poems That Make Grown Men Cry, with the female version. Working in partnership with Amnesty International, they have asked 100 remarkable women to choose a poem and tell them why it has moved them to tears. The Amnesty collaboration is clear, many of… Read More

This Change in the Light: A Collection of Poems is a small, carefully crafted package of delight. The book’s beautiful form is filled with tightly curated poems from one of our most established writers in New Zealand today, Dame Fiona Kidman. While better known for her novels, Kidman’s first two books were poetry. She’s written… Read More

Gregory Kan is a curious beast. He’s a web developer and systems engineer who writes beautiful poetry that has nothing to do with his work and everything to do with what it is to be alive. His first manuscript, an early incarnation of This Paper Boat, was shortlisted for the Kathleen Grattan Poetry Prize (a… Read More

A narrative poem in couplets that rhyme; You’d hope for something truly sublime. A tale that shines, like the sun, is golden; Alas, alack, to mediocrity we’re beholden. TS Eliot has the upper hand with cats, Treading on his toes this is inferior, ersatz. And while the story’s not only about felines It’s hardly exciting… Read More

There was a time when New Zealander Heidi North-Bailey lived in a house on Grass St that once belonged to poet Lauris Edmond. The hillside garden grew tulips and poems; and in the house with its view of the harbour, Heidi wrote poems of her own. But always there is the possibility of flight, and… Read More

For Someone I Love is a perfect collection of a writer’s work: diverse, original and timeless. It has the feel of being carefully curated by someone who knew the writer, New Zealander Arapera Blank, well, both personally and professionally. Indeed this is the case, as this is a collection put together by her children –… Read More

A haiku is a short poem, originating in Japan. It is unique because it has a specific number of lines and syllables per line: A haiku can be only three lines long The first line of the haiku must contain 5 syllables The second line must contain 7 syllables The third (and last) line must… Read More

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