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Emily, a Wellington mother of two young boys, wrote a blog post in the middle of the night back in March 2015. Within just a few days it was read by more than one million people. Since then her posts, often written in in the wee small hours, have consoled, celebrated and cheered on millions… Read More

For many of us, motherhood can be the single most determining factor that influences how we feel about our lives, how we respond to others and to ourselves, and how we live in the many little day-to-day moments. Actress Meryl Streep summarised it well when she stated that ‘Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets… Read More

Kelvin Cruickshank is a ‘celebrity psychic medium’, from TV programme Sensing murder fame, whose mission is to provide closure to those who have lost loved ones. Soul Secrets is the latest of his popular books - his sixth, in fact. Soul Secrets is a book of affirmations, wisdom and quotes to help you on your… Read More

I used to like Ruby Wax. She was on my telly a lot when I was growing up and, though she had an annoying drawl, she was rather amusing. Stripped of the medium of TV and given free rein in a book, I found her less appealing. The humour grates and her witty repartee becomes… Read More

The mindfulness movement shows no signs of ceasing and every publisher worth their salt wants in on the action. A Year of Mindful Living: Daily Changes for a Calmer Life screams of bandwagon jumping. With no single author responsible it’s mindfulness by committee and it’s dreadful. I can imagine the meeting now: “Mindfulness, we need… Read More

Sam Pease is a lady with attitude. Against a dusky pink background she smiles confidently from the cover of her latest handbook for all women: Date Like A Dude. Dressed in white blazer cheekily concealing sexy lingerie and a bold black bowtie she might be a tad scary to some – but all this woman… Read More

Most people who know me usually say one of two things when asked to describe me. It’s either ‘boy, Drew, you sure are smart’ or ‘man, you’re an arrogant prick’. Either way, a book like this one definitely intrigued me. A) because I love learning and B) I like being smarter than other people. Any… Read More

Psychopaths are somewhat fashionable these days. Think less flesh-eating Hannibal Lecter, and more ultra-suave Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. The new breed of psychopaths, the “corporate psychopath”, is less about anti-social flesh eating, and more about ambitiousness, and being a successful go-getter. As the traits of many people in high-power positions – namely ruthlessness, ambition… Read More

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