Atlas of the Southern Night Sky (Fourth Edition) is a compendium of accurate, updated information for observing the night sky. Written by Steve Massey, a prolific Australian author on astronomy, the book’s visual component consists of stellar photographs by Steve Quirk, a noted veteran in astrophotography. Throughout the book, Massey and Quirk cover general topics… Read More

It’s tempting to review a book on cryptic crosswords through some ingenious cryptic clues themselves - but in this instance a simple review will suffice. How to Cook Little Fish is a fun New Zealand Listener compilation of cryptic puzzles, and if you’re a novice and always wanted to be better at cracking those frustratingly… Read More

Small business owners are some of the hardest working and also some of the most stressed people you will meet. They can also be some of the most successful people you know, but also some of the least successful people as well. So, what sets a successful entrepreneur apart from those who don’t make it? Probably… Read More

The sweet scent of malt, bubbling in a saucepan, releasing the sugars within, permeates its way through the house. My partner, inspired, is brewing from scratch for the first time in years. New Zealand’s craft beer scene has exploded in recent times. This is a very good thing, according to author and restauranteur Jules van… Read More

The thing about parenting is “those” days. I’m sure you know them well: those days when you are feeling uninspired, overwhelmed and frazzled, and the idea of making parenting fun among the daily grind of “to do lists “ (and possible chronic sleep deprivation), is the very last thing you’ll want to think about. Especially… Read More

I have always been fascinated by outer space, from the first moon landing, via Star Trek to an array of sci-fi novels in my teens. So what could be better than this book for someone who was an abject failure in science at school? A book that claims to do for astrophysics what Sophie’s World… Read More

What makes a good novel? Let’s start at square one and focus on what makes a novel. You may have already (and with much relish) thought up your characters and your setting and a bit of what might happen in your story. Now you need to structure your story. We’re talking about plot, a sequence… Read More

Dee and Mike Pignēguy put the fascinating world of nature under the microscope in this bright and beautiful new book. The dedicated science champions have been busy trotting the globe – and digging in their Auckland back yard – to help cultivate wonder in our world and pass on nature nous to a new wave… Read More

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