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Emily, a Wellington mother of two young boys, wrote a blog post in the middle of the night back in March 2015. Within just a few days it was read by more than one million people. Since then her posts, often written in in the wee small hours, have consoled, celebrated and cheered on millions… Read More

This delightful little book is the latest in the series of Ladybird books for Grown-Ups series, which have been specially planned to help adults with the world about them. The satirical ‘How It Works’ series is penned by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, whose CV’s boast writing credits for shows like Screenwipe and the Paddington… Read More

The sweet scent of malt, bubbling in a saucepan, releasing the sugars within, permeates its way through the house. My partner, inspired, is brewing from scratch for the first time in years. New Zealand’s craft beer scene has exploded in recent times. This is a very good thing, according to author and restauranteur Jules van… Read More

The saying goes that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but, frankly, you often can. Sometimes, you don’t even need a cover - the title alone tells you everything you need to know. Two Pedants, by Kiwi writer Sean Molloy, is one such book. You probably have an idea of what to expect… Read More

I feel utterly remiss in posting this review of The Pythons Autobiography some months after this book was released – but it really has taken me such a long time to digest this 350 page volume of memorabilia, anecdotes, photographs and artistry. This book chronicles the evolution of the Pythons from immaturity to old age and… Read More

I grew up on Little Golden Books, with their golden spines and colourful, board covers. In fact, I still have my favourite, albeit in a rather well used state: The Little Red Caboose, by Marianne Potter. And it is the hours of enjoyment I had turning the pages of these books that lead me to buy… Read More

This book’s tag line ‘serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions’, got me hooked. It’s not often someone as cynical as I am, especially when it comes to advertising puffery, gets hooked on a ‘hook’, but there was just enough mischief in that line to make me read on. Sure, I was given this book… Read More

Can any poem be considered essential? This question is posed by Siobhan Harvey, James Norcliffe and Harry Rickets in the introduction to Essential New Zealand Poems: Facing the Empty Page. Moreover, can any poem be considered as “essentially New Zealand”? Rather than struggle to fit a collection of poems into this rather limiting definition, Harvey… Read More

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