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The Art of Mindful Origami. That’s right, the title promises therapeutic benefits and saddled on one side with my partner's sister  and a friend’s fifteen-year-old son on the other, there seemed to be no better time than a Friday evening to see what’s all the fuss about. Of course, we didn’t start with something simple… Read More

Let's cut to the chase: get a copy of See Play Do for every child you know this Christmas. See Play Do is a children's activity book jam-packed with art ideas, recipes, and indoor and outdoor play ideas. But it is so much more than that. It encourages creative thought processes and celebrates art and the act of creation… Read More

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t sew – not to my grandmother’s exacting standards anyway. She who used to make her own doilies, tablecloths, clothes for her children and also was a marvel at needlework. Sadly those traits aren’t hereditary not do I have the slightest desire to pick up a needle… Read More

Johanna Basford kick-started a trend back in 2011, one that shows no sign of slowing down. Her first two publications, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, have sold upwards of 10 million copies worldwide, been translated into 24 languages (with at least 11 more on the way), has famous fans such as Zooey Deschanel who can’t… Read More

It’s tempting to review a book on cryptic crosswords through some ingenious cryptic clues themselves - but in this instance a simple review will suffice. How to Cook Little Fish is a fun New Zealand Listener compilation of cryptic puzzles, and if you’re a novice and always wanted to be better at cracking those frustratingly… Read More

Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet, by Vita Apala, will appeal to every crocheting granny in the land. And especially, those soon-to-be grannies. These booties are just delightful. Most patterns work from a simple template for the bootie base, for which clear instructions (with accompanying photographs) are provided. The patterns for the upper part of the… Read More

Knitted Miniature Animals, by Jenny Occleshaw, is a gorgeous book – a simple flip through reveals several enticing little creatures begging to be made. I really like the way Occleshaw has made the most of modern, novel yarns for her creatures. For instance, golden eyelash yarn for the little lion’s mane; brown eyelash yarn for the… Read More

25 Crafts for Christmas: a Keep-Busy Book for Advent, by Christina Goodings, contains a series of easy gift-giving crafts for children of all ages. The instructions are clear and the photographs superb. Some of the ideas in this lovely little book I have seen teachers draw upon, like how to make your own pop-up greeting card… Read More

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