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If, like me, it’s always been a dream of yours to explore Africa and go on a safari, be warned: this book will only further fuel that passion thanks to its breath-taking photography of the African landscape and its furry inhabitants. At over 300 pages, I was a little cynical and assumed that the images… Read More

“Oh my gosh, they’re really living the dream, eh?” So says my partner as he starts on Todd and Sarah’s photographic journey of New Zealand. Having been told they weren’t able to have children, the couple decided to sell up and buy a caravan to focus on landscape photography, travelling the islands and seeking out… Read More

Rebuilt showcases 19 homes that were damaged or destroyed by the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. It’s a personal second book for Diack, who was originally from Canterbury and returned to the region after the devastating 2011 earthquake to watch her city be rebuilt. Diack’s first book, Converted Houses (2012), also dealt with people… Read More

Unless you’ve been living in an underground cave the last few years, you’re probably familiar with Humans of New York (or HONY, as the 15 million online fans say). For years, US street photographer Brandon Stanton has captured intimate portraits of strangers around New York, slowly adding small quotes from his subjects which eventually got… Read More

One of the unexpectedly lovely things about fantasy books (especially those aimed at a younger audience) is the art that can adorn their covers, and so often fill their pages. Illustrations of fantastical creatures and bizarre characters that spring straight from the artist’s imagination – but sometimes don’t look exactly how we might have imagined… Read More

Dawn Chorus, by Ray Ching, is a sumptuous book and deserves to be under every Christmas tree in Aotearoa this year (and beyond). But, let's stick to Aotearoa, the faraway land of the long white cloud to which an albatross leads the soul of Aesop. Here he meets, for the first time, the unique animals of this… Read More

Pardon the pun, but photography books usually focus on one of three subjects – nature, art or people. Therefore, when you get a book that focuses on the art of photography, you know you are in for something rather special. As far as putting something on the coffee table to impress and interest you friends… Read More

When I unwrapped my (rather large) review copy of Taschen’s Great Yoga Retreats, I became instantly mesmerised. I immediately stopped everything I was doing, and pored over the pages as I sank deeper and deeper into a daydream: of doing Sun Salutations in open-air pagodas in the hot, humid climates of India and Thailand; of… Read More

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