Atlas of the Southern Night Sky (Fourth Edition) is a compendium of accurate, updated information for observing the night sky. Written by Steve Massey, a prolific Australian author on astronomy, the book’s visual component consists of stellar photographs by Steve Quirk, a noted veteran in astrophotography. Throughout the book, Massey and Quirk cover general topics… Read More

Emily, a Wellington mother of two young boys, wrote a blog post in the middle of the night back in March 2015. Within just a few days it was read by more than one million people. Since then her posts, often written in in the wee small hours, have consoled, celebrated and cheered on millions… Read More

The RSA is a huge institution in New Zealand and still today has over 100,000 members. It can be subtly different from region to region and in many places remains in touch with and part of the local community. Looking back we see it initially as a club for the servicemen returned from the First… Read More

Alison Holst’s Weekday Meals in Minutes is exactly that: quick, easy and guaranteed to deliver a meal that will satisfy. It’s a clear-step-by-step collection of recipes that can be easily followed by just about anyone and boasts a range of flavours and tastes to suit any palate. From creamy chicken and spinach curry to bacon… Read More

Caralee Caldwell’s recipes are special. Not only because they are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free (and I’m allergic to dairy) but because every time I whip up one of her recipes everybody is utterly silent around the table as they chow down on some fabulously tasty home cooked kai. Sometimes it’s as simple as kumara… Read More

A cookbook that was made for New Zealanders.  Perfect.  I have to admit the reason it took me a while to get around to reviewing this cookbook because I was so busy trying out all the recipes. This particular cookbook also doubles as a health guide tracing its way from spice-based smoothies such as the… Read More

The Art of Mindful Origami. That’s right, the title promises therapeutic benefits and saddled on one side with my partner's sister  and a friend’s fifteen-year-old son on the other, there seemed to be no better time than a Friday evening to see what’s all the fuss about. Of course, we didn’t start with something simple… Read More

I adore Jamie Oliver. Even if he doesn’t always wash his veggies (or even his hands for that matter) his food is just so darn finger-licking good. If you’ve ever watched his TV shows, then you know that the charisma translates right onto the page - and if you’re preparing to cook for a horde… Read More

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