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Miss Ona Vitkus has lived unobtrusively, her secrets fiercely protected for over a century. A boy, with his passion for world records, changes all that. He is eleven. She is 104. He makes her feel like she might be really special after all. Only it’s been a fortnight since he last visited and Ona is… Read More

First up, I must say that I’m a big fan of Alex Miller’s novels, with my favourites being Landscape of Farewell and Lovesong. This new book contains both short fiction and true stories about the inspiration for these novels and in particular the characters that inspired the stories. It also tells me lots about Miller’s… Read More

This is the kind of novel that captures the tone and mood that comes with people watching – that voyeuristic contemplation that allows you to map out others’ lives in your imagination that’s somehow weirdly relaxing. Except this time you get the full picture. This story centres around three women living in the American expat… Read More

Rachel’s Legacy did something very rare, it turned out to be better than the first book in the series, The Keeper of Secrets. No mean feat, as I thought the first book was excellent. We pick up on the previous story of the Horowitz family, German Jews who suffered terribly at the hands of the… Read More

Shining a spotlight on some of the gritty and quirky areas of our society, Michael Botur’s collection of short stories is not for the faint hearted. Many of the stories have been previously published in literary fiction journals and magazines, but they are brought together in this collection for the first time. The hair-raising stories… Read More

New Zealand author Tony Chapelle’s first book features twenty-five short stories, all of which were highly acclaimed entries from local story competitions such as the Cambridge Autumn Festival and Central Districts NZSA Short Story Competition. Several of these stories have also been included in nationwide publications including Another 100 New Zealand Short Short Stories and… Read More

Simply put, this book needs to be put to the top of your ‘to read’ list. The Year of Falling is a captivating masterpiece that you will fall hard for. When the porcelain dolls start turning up on Selina’s doorstep, she knows it’s a bad sign. Shortly afterwards, she begins an ill-judged affair with a celebrity TV chef… Read More

Emanuel E. Garcia is a Philidelphia-born psychiatrist and now writer, who has been living in New Zealand for ten years. He has written scholarly works on psychoanalysis and the psychology of creativity with investigations into famous composers. He has now written four novels, a collection of stories and four books of poetry. This short fiction… Read More

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