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It’s been a while since my last Thor review, and for that, I apologise. In that time, three more issues have come out, as well as a Thor Annual that collects three short stories from guest contributors. In light of all that, and because they don’t really warrant individual reviews, I’m reviewing #4 and #5… Read More

The saying goes that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but, frankly, you often can. Sometimes, you don’t even need a cover – the title alone tells you everything you need to know. Two Pedants, by Kiwi writer Sean Molloy, is one such book. You probably have an idea of what to expect… Read More

I’m going to guess you’re at least somewhat familiar with James Bond (if not, Wikipedia is your friend). Gadgets, fancy suits, shootouts, bizarre villains, one liners, martinis – shaken, not stirred, of course – Bond, James Bond is easily one of the most recognisable cultural icons of the last 50 years. Imagine that James Bond… Read More

After a captivating first two books, Saga: Volume 3 brings the first major arc of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ science fantasy epic to a close. Having successfully fled Cleave and eluded capture by both the military and a bounty hunter, Alana, Marko, and the rest of their family find their way to a… Read More

It’s no secret that comics can be daunting to a newcomer to the genre. With hundreds of ongoing series, 100-odd years of back issues, plus plenty of self-contained stories that skip the episodic format altogether and go straight to graphic novel format, you’re more than a little bit spoiled for choice. So where do you… Read More

“Ant-Man” isn’t exactly a name that inspires confidence. It doesn’t have the sense of power that names like “Wonder Woman” or “The Incredible Hulk” have, nor the shadowy intrigue of “Black Widow” or “Batman.” “Fire Ant-Man,” perhaps (fire ants are terrifying!), but “Ant-Man”? And yet – believe it or not – Ant-Man was a founding… Read More

When a lot of people think of comics, they think of superheroes. The format covers just about every genre imaginable, but its the superhero stories that are best known, for the most part. They tell tales of regular people doing extraordinary, superhuman things. With Sandman, Neil Gaiman does the opposite. He takes things that aren’t… Read More

After an action-packed and utterly captivating first book, Saga: Volume 2 (which collects issues #7 – #12 of the comics) slows down a little – though that’s not a criticism in the slightest. The first book’s focus was on introducing the core characters and making us care about them; with that in place, volume two… Read More

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