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Sometimes, you find love in the unlikeliest places. It might be a chance encounter at a gig, it might be among the ranks of a rival band. Me? I found love within the pages of of a comic crafted by a team I wasn’t familiar with, from a publisher I’d never read, rebooting an ‘80s… Read More

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read Archie before now. I’m vaguely familiar with the series – it’s such a longstanding pop culture icon that it’s hard not to be – but I’ve never actually had any interest in reading it. That is, until I heard people raving about the first reboot and renumbering in Archie’s… Read More

Comics based on video games aren’t unusual, but good ones are few and far between. (To be fair, the same is true of books, films, and… well, everything else.) After how good the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot was, especially from a story and characterisation perspective, I was wary of a comic tie-in. At least, until… Read More

As it turns out, the first arc of the new Thor series is eight issues, not the six I expected – and as a result, issue #6 is not the grand conclusion I’d been looking forward to. I probably had my expectations set a little high due to that misunderstanding, but even so, I can’t… Read More

Insight Editions’ “The World According To…” series occupies a strange place in comics fandom, situated somewhere in the purgatory between collector’s items for diehard fans and character introductions aimed at those who’ve just seen the latest blockbuster superhero flick and want to know more. The World According to Thor, by Marc Sumerak, is no exception… Read More

Being a geek used to be something to be ashamed of; we were outcasts, social pariahs. But that’s been changing over the last decade or so, and geekdom is becoming popular. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on TV, geek celebrities like Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day have millions of… Read More

Like the rest of Insight Editions’ “The World According To…” series, The World According to Iron Man is primarily an introductory overview, something like an “Iron Man 101”, but one that’s laced with things to appeal to the more ardent fans. This dichotomous approach has been a bit hit-­and-­miss in other books in the series… Read More

You may have heard people talking about the “Marvel style” of filmmaking – a careful balance of action, comedy, and depth, all backed up by great writing and acting. It’s not something unique to Marvel films, of course, and they’re far from the first to take this approach. But, it’s hard to argue the success… Read More

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