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Helping your child to discover the pleasure of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give him or her. Children who enjoy reading do much better at it, and those who do better at reading also fair better at writing. While some children dive straight into the world of books, however, others are… Read More

Why Kids Don’t Read

Nowadays, it’s a commonly accepted belief that reading is highly beneficial for children. Like anything, the more they practice, the better they get at it, and the better they get at it, the more stress-free their time at school becomes. All very well, but the reality is that many children aren’t reading. Like me, you… Read More

It is more than fifty years since The Cat in the Hat, written by Dr. Seuss, was released to the world in 1957. It has also been for more than fifty years that children (and adults) the world over have been delighted by, and enamoured with the entertaining linguistic gymnastics that make this the enjoyable… Read More

While John Grisham might be best known for his adult legal fiction, more recently, he has been successful in engaging a much younger readership. Theodore Boone: The Activist is the fourth book in Grisham’s Theodore Boone series for young readers, and proves to be another entertaining and informative book for “tween” adventure lovers. The Activist… Read More

From the author of The Silver Linings Playbook (now an Oscar-winning movie) comes a brave and powerful novel about a troubled teenager. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, Matthew Quick’s fourth novel, is a highly important book that is as much a story for young as for older adults. Meet Leonard Peacock, the story’s narrator. Leonard is… Read More

I have high expectations of every movie that has been made from a book. After all, if the book was popular, you know you are (almost) guaranteed to have a solid plot and well-developed and likable characters. Some books do exceptionally well when translated onto the screen: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger… Read More

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