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There have been some rave reviews about I Am Pilgrim, the novel by Terry Hayes. With the author’s use of narration and intrigue, the book is definitely very effective. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of the book is not as profound as other book lovers. If you’re still unsure about what I Am Pilgrim is about, the… Read More

A foreword of caution about this review of William Boyd’s novel Solo: I have never actually read any of the original Ian Fleming 007 James Bond novels. My main knowledge of anything Bond comes from a rather short-lived period of enthusiastically watching the 1960’s Sean Connery movies, alongside the more contemporary glimpses of Daniel Craig’s… Read More

Before the whole world knew he was one of the industry’s greatest drug cheats, Lance Armstrong’s autobiography, It’s Not About the Bike, was topping the best seller lists and inspiring millions to get active and fight cancer. Co-written with Sally Jenkins, the book opens with Armstrong’s early life. He candidly recounts what life was like… Read More

Simon Kernick pulls out all the stops in his action-packed new novel Stay Alive. There are car chases, people being hunted through the woods by gun wielding maniacs, women tied up in cellars, serial killers, children being lured by potential paedophiles – try to think of any kind of terrifying scenario, and the odds are… Read More

It was difficult to get through Andy McNab’s Seven Troop. Not because McNab is uninteresting, by any means but due to the sheer length of the book and McNab’s rather bad habit of going off on tangents for prolonged periods of time. Seven Troop is a non-fiction account of Andy McNab’s time in the Air Troop… Read More

Usain Bolt: My Story has an easygoing feel to it. Bolt quite literally glides through his life with co-writer Shaun Custis, exploring everything which he has achieved up until 2010. The book is divided into many different sections (or rather large chapters). Opening with his early days at school, Bolt talks about how school was more of… Read More

This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash trumpets the unwavering bond of love and devotion that parents have towards their children. Full of rich prose and compound sentences, the writing itself often becomes a presence of its own. Twelve year old Easter and her younger sister Ruby are put in a foster home after… Read More

“I was arrested” were the three words that introduced Jack Reacher to the world. Killing Floor is an outstanding debut novel. It is full of action, excitement, mystery and complexity. Lee Child does not cut corners in producing a smooth, easy to read novel. Former military policeman Jack Reacher gets off the bus in Margrave… Read More

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