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A Broken World is a remarkable collection of letters, diaries and memories of the Great War, one of a tide of new publications timed to coincide with the hundred-year anniversary of the start of the war last year. This collection is different from many as it seeks to capture not just voices from the front… Read More

In One Kick, author Chelsea Cain does not hold back in unleashing a thrilling novel full of suspense. Meet Kick. She is tough, she is determined; she will not let you mess around with her. She was the young girl you saw on missing person’s posters. After being rescued by Frank and his team at the… Read More

A lot has been said in the press this past year about how deadly formula one used to be. Earlier this year there was a documentary released on just how bloody dangerous this sport was. In news media ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ is the very sad but true gauge of a successful lead new… Read More

Helicopters are dangerous, but that’s what makes them so cool! I was 22 when I had my first helicopter ride and given that I didn’t have a whole pile of cash in my wallet at the time, it was of course a free ride. My other helicopter trip was also free on the Westpac Rescue… Read More

I won’t lie. I skipped to 1992 straight away. The opening match of the World Cup at our very own Eden Park, in front of a capacity crowd, and even Sir Richard was paraded around for all to see to prove that we did have good cricket players in our midst. Who could forget Dipak… Read More

Given the author’s interesting name, I had to do my research to find out a bit more about John Twelve Hawks before I got into Spark. Call it due diligence, call it whatever you like, but the investigation piqued my interest enough to open the book. Quick background: John Twelve Hawks, JTW to his fans… Read More

The first thing that struck me about New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame: 25 Kiwi Champions, was that this didn’t just have Richie McCaw on each page. Personally I feel he is at least 14 of the top 25 sports champions that we have had in New Zealand. The other nine spots would go to… Read More

When I first picked up Derek Grzelewski’s Going to Extremes:Adventures in Unknown New Zealand I was a little disappointed to realise that these were pieces that Derek had originally penned for the New Zealand Geographic magazine where they were published with full photographic illustration. Would they be the same without those illustrations? Was a series… Read More

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