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First Day of the Somme is an excellent new book by Kiwi-born writer Andrew Macdonald. His engaging first book, On my way to the Somme, dates from 2005 and looked only at the New Zealand experience of the campaign. This new work limits itself to just one day, 1st July 1916, which still ranks as… Read More

Shining a spotlight on some of the gritty and quirky areas of our society, Michael Botur’s collection of short stories is not for the faint hearted. Many of the stories have been previously published in literary fiction journals and magazines, but they are brought together in this collection for the first time. The hair-raising stories… Read More

“A complete style guide for the modern man,” the sub-title reads, and that is exactly what this useful little book is. Not the latest fashion tips, but something a little more considered and longer lasting. Jeff Lack has worked in fashion for 25 years and been a freelance fashion stylist for the last ten. He… Read More

Trigger Mortis is the latest in a long line of novels featuring the character James Bond. Like the last, by Sebastian Faulks, this was commissioned by the estate of Ian Fleming and, also like Faulks’, the book is set in the era when Fleming wrote the originals (the 1950s and 60s). Attempts to bring 007 up… Read More

Writer, filmmaker, mountaineer and fly-fisherman Derek Grzelewski is most comfortable in the outdoors, and what beautiful outdoors New Zealand has to offer. Since moving to Aotearoa there have been no limits to where this Polish born adventurer will go or what he will do to shift his perspective on the world around him. NZ Booklovers recently… Read More

I’ve always got time for Bear. Except for his latest TV show. What a pile of poop that is. To be fair, his heart’s not really in it… and neither is he for that matter. It reminds me of an interview I once did with Michael Caine regarding him starring in Jaws 4. I asked… Read More

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt is a western set during the Californian Gold Rush.  It follows the story of Eli and Charlie Sisters, two brothers with short tempers and a certain knack for violence. Killing the Commodore’s enemies has earned them a bloody reputation and a comfortable living, but a bad job and the… Read More

For the record, I am not Aaron Cruden. I have been told I look like him and in moments of complete fantasy I may have professed to play like him too. This type of book is the first step towards writing your sporting memoirs, where you get a fancy author to help you out, possibly… Read More

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